Obama Wants Another Handout!

2012 is right around the corner and that means every time we turn the TV on or check our email, we will be slammed with one X-rated Obama ad after another. Will we fall victim to his class warfare or will we choose a person who will restore our Country? We need a man who will create jobs, balance our budget, attend to Iranian crisis, secure our borders and restore our economy.

It’s our choice, we can complacently sit on our haunches and do nothing or we can fight for our rights and freedoms. In 2008, many fell in love with a polished orator who brought nothing to our table but idle promises of “hope and change.” Well we know where the hope went and now we know what change feels like. Now he wants another 1.2 trillion dollars – we need to take our charge card back ASAP.

In three years our National Debt has increased 4 trillion dollars, 787 billion dollars squandered, lost our Triple A credit rating, debt ceiling raised, illegal alien deportation stopped, almost 20% of our population on food stamps and our daily debt increases about 4 billion per day. We’re now the “laughing stock” of the World – foreign Countries just sneer at us and make fun of our wimpy Government.

Our borders are not secured and illegal aliens and terrorists just keep infiltrating our Nation. In 2009, a scheme to obliterate our 2nd Amendment happened right in front of our eyes; one of the most diabolical evil scandals in our Nation’s history occurred on our turf (the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation.)

During the past three years the EPA has run amuck like a mad professor, slapping more ridiculous regulations on businesses (big and small) and no one has stopped them. Businesses have been isolated from the real world by a small group of fanatics who laugh all the way to the bank while we stand in an unemployment line and beg for food stamps.

Don’t forget the morning we woke up to find out our Military had been sent to Libya and we were in a third war that at the end of the day is carrying a price tag that exceeds 900 million dollars. We just went in hock to open the doors for Obama’s kin the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Government grants that fly out the backdoor of the White House seem to be on overdrive – there are grants to examine testicles, observe a shrimp on a treadmill, to take care of Pelosi’s stupid tit mouse. The point is this – billions of taxpayer’s money is being misused and we don’t even know who is getting the money, how much they get or the purpose of the grant.

Then there is the “Green Monster,” that is still costing taxpayers millions and millions, green companies are dying off like flies and our money has been gobbled up and is long gone.

The little things are worth mentioning, because accumulatively they equate into billions of dollars of our hard earned money. Starting with the many Obama Czars who come from the wrong side of the track; they aren’t worth their salt and their salaries are exorbitant.

Check out Lady Obama’s hand maidens who according to Politifact total at least 25, but the point is we’re in a recession and maybe the first lady should roll up her sleeves, put on some grubby old levis and find out how the real world lives.

Our Air Force One has been packing and toting the socialite who’s been out campaigning for over a year – our tab for this bit of fun looks like a mini National war debt. The millions spent in Hawaii for a little R&R and for flying Pluto back and forth definitely shows you no one is looking out for Americans.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give our children and grandchildren a legacy they can wrap their arms around with pride. At the rate we’re going, our kids and grandchildren will be working until they’re 80 or 90 years old without a pot to pee in – they deserve the best let’s take back our Country in 2012 and put a man in office who knows how to balance the budget, deal with Iran, secure our borders, stop EPA in its tracks, restore our economy and downsize the Government.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca