A gift from “Little Tboca” to all Americans

I thought about Americans and what each one might need

I Pray each has presents and gifts beneath their trees

So, what one thing could I give that would last the test of time

A gift that would last forever defying all evil and crime

So here is a Christmas Prayer for you, to those I hold so dear

May the Christmas spirit be every day – not just once a year

May God be with you always – during your time upon this earth

Our salvation signed and sealed at the time of the “Christ Child’s “ birth

A hug, a kiss or compliment for those you love – is forever a blessing earned

For those who travel the airways and highways, in fact may ner return

Don’t let the sun set upon angry words, power struggles or idle threats

For those words you say today – may tomorrow be your worst regrets

May God bless you with wisdom and grace to face each and every day

May he protect you from evil and temptation – strength to resist what people say

When you have a moment – count your many blessings one by one

And give thanks to God in the Highest for his only begotten son

To All Americans
As Always,
Little Tboca