Obama's "Fair Share"

A wake up call to taxpayers, senior citizens and the youth has been ringing loud and clear the last three years. Taxpayer heard the call, but 50% or more are in denial or can’t hear anything. The 50% are still supporting Obama who continues chasing after an ideology that has destroyed many Countries.

Our Country is divided into two groups. One faction is the “gimme gimmes” who wake up every morning with their hand out and the other group is taxpayers who have run out of money. To those with their handout, etch this message on your forehead; our Nation is broke (meaning no more dinero available.)

Yet, you support the very ones who have drained our savings account; you keep yelling for more. You want to sit on your – –ses with asking for food stamps, Medicaid, healthcare, housing and checks from the Government. Well, unlike what your sugar daddies (Obama and the Democrats) are telling you – we are very close to losing our once strong Nation because of you and Obama’s obsessive spending habits.

You think taxpayers are your meal ticket and they owe you a living – your little happy go lucky world is about to shrivel up in the very near future because your laziness lack irresponsible ways have led us into an economic disaster. Who do you think is paying the tab while you sit around doing nothing?

For those who want to extend Bush tax cuts and unemployment the same old question remains. “Who’s going to be around to pay for this, if we don’t insist that every dollar spent must be paid back immediately? Obama and his Administration continue redistributing and spending money we don’t have and it’s all of us not just Granny headed for the cliff without a parachute.

Here’s a quick glimpse our Nation’s economy: (1) Our National Deficit is growing over 3.95 billion per day, (2) The Super Committee fell on their face and couldn’t find any way to pay for the debt ceiling increase, (3) Obama’s war in Libya and the “green thing” costs us millions, (4) Obamacare is devouring insurance companies, physicians, nurses, hospitals, taxpayers and Medicare, and (5) EPA has stopped businesses from hiring and/or growing. The irony of all this is – Obama and DEMS keep spending and you want more!

So if you fit in the “gimme crowd,” you’d better rethink your strategy, because there aren’t any freebies in this World! This “FAIR SHARE” crap Obama keeps feeding you is just that – the wealthy already pay more than their fair share and they don’t have to remain in our Country to give you a free ride.

Obama, the redistribution specialist wants the wealthy to pay for all of his mistakes the past three years; he is a spineless mouse unable to balance a budget, reduce our National Deficit and all of his bills have been total flops. Obama’s spending addiction is the reason 14 million plus are out of work and why the poor have gotten poorer. Yes, the poor have gotten poorer because of Obama and the Democrats!
So when you wake up tomorrow, take a long look in the mirror and remember if you want to continue the free ride, you damn sure better figure out how to balance our budget before you ask for more or you’ll be sitting on a street corner begging for a crumb.

Our Country can’t continue spending what we don’t have and you can take that to the bank. May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca