A Message to Obama – the House – the Senate

Listening to John Boehner’s address today was not just disappointing; it was disgraceful that Republicans are once again playing American’s like a worn out fiddle. John talks about bi-partisan issues including the Keystone Energy Project extending unemployment benefits and payroll tax relief for Americans and finishes by say it cuts government spending.

The question that seems imminent is this, “Why even bother sending this bill to the Senate when you know Harry Reid is standing by his shredder awaiting its arrival? We know that President Obama will reject the Republican bill, because he threatened Congress before taking his 17 day vacation in Hawaii, saying “ he would reject the bill if it includes the Keystone Energy Project. “

We know that Canada’s Prime Minister (Steven Harper), although civil this week when he met with Obama isn’t about to wait on Obama’s sick political stance to delay any decision on this until 2013. Steven gave America a heads up and said, “Canada isn’t going to wait and will move forward with other customers, probably China.” That’s straightforward language meaning “use it or lose it America,” either go forward with the Keystone Pipeline or consider the option off the table forever. THousands of jobs being lost because Obama is buying votes.

Boehner’s remark that the new Republican bill cuts Government spending and will be paid for over a span of 10 years is like a spoiled teenager who has maxed out all of your credit cards saying, “Gee, when I get thru college and land a job, I’ll pay it all back.”

Boehner is doing it again, first he throws out all the cool stuff for us to drool over and then if you read the fine print, we realize it’s going to cost us an arm and leg to pay for the bill. Here’s what really happens tax relief given to the middle class, unemployment benefits extended is handed out the front door, but the cost of these benefits fly right out the back door increasing our National Deficit and putting more burden on all taxpayers.

No doubt we need tax relief and unemployment extensions, but when will Republicans and Democrats get it thru their heads that it must be paid for immediately by ruthlessly removing the politician’s sacred cows, downsizing Government, no more funding of NPR or Planned Parenthood etc., stopping the blood sucking grants that are sucking the life out of the taxpayers and so much more.

“Don’t spend it if you don’t have it to spend” – the irritating part is the Government has the money, they just don’t want to disturb their Political Elite Breakfast Club that has taken over our White House

The Republicans have many “Aces in the hole,” but actually don’t want to disturb their old political establishment. They could start the impeachment process against the AG (Eric Holder) and they could ask the American people to vote on the KEYSTONE PIPELINE on National TV.

Obama rants and raves and says he can’t wait to create jobs for America, well let him put his money where his mouth is this time. He also says in his speeches he’s gonna take it to the American people! So take it to the people, quite playing “Gotcha,” and “he said, she said.” Let our voice be heard!

Americans need a one stop Government Shopping Mall – one website that exemplifies the meaning of real transparency tells us daily what new bills are on the horizon, what is going on behind closed doors, what the Feds are doing, what Bernanke is doing, what the DOJ is doing and why our National Deficit keeps growing at the rate of 4.9 billion per day.

Americans want their voice back – Obama, the House and Senate are our employees and we’re on a need to know basis. Frankly we don’t trust those in the White House and we’ve lost all confidence in their ability to run our Government.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca