Obama’s Gay Commitments

Obama made many commitments in 2008 to the American public promising transparency, smaller government, keeping unemployment at 8% or under, jobs, assistance to homeowners facing foreclosure and so on…

None of those commitments seemed important enough to honor, but his commitment to the Gay Community is one that he’s honored and one must wonder why he favors such radical policies knowing full well that he’s causing an extreme division between those who have contrasting beliefs and values.

His pledge to the gay community to end the military’s ban on homosexuals in 2008 was honored oblivious to our Militaries’ concern about the safety of our troops. Obama extended benefit to the spouses of federal employees who were homosexual, hosted a “Gay Pride” month and passed out tickets to gay couples for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

But he didn’t stop there, in order to continue his Gay crusade, he appointed John Berry to take over the office of Personnel Management plummeting, John to the highest-ranking homosexual in all of our US history.

The first time in over 60 years a United States President imposes a “gay rights” speech on the UN and it’s obvious that he’s out campaigning for the gay community votes or maybe the gay community actually owns Obama and he’s in a do or die situation?

Hilary Clinton in December of 2011 continues carrying the torch for Obama and the LGBT people adding the sexual orientation to foreign policy. Nothing against the LGBT people, but one would think with the critical problems in Egypt, Libya and Iran should be Obama and Clinton’s priorities at this time.

Clinton’s speech in Geneva to the United Nations rings loud and clear; she said religious and cultural ways are standing in the way of homosexual rights worldwide. Obama and Clinton’s strategy behind these speeches are not what one might think, the LGBT community are angry because Obama hasn’t come forward and actually endorsed “Gay Marriages.” This has pretty much placed the Obama Administration between a rock and a hard place, so Obama and Clinton are trying to pacify the “Gay Community” until the November 2012 Elections roll around.

Nothing, but politics as usual or could it be that the Gay Community are the only ones that vetted Obama when he declared his run for President in 2007? Do they know about Reverend Wright’s DLC (Down Low Club) and about the Democratic Representative Rosa DeLauro, Rohm Emanuel, BP and Stan Greenberg?

Do they know who snuffed out Reverend Wright’s choir director and 2 other members of his church? All three were murdered in 2007 within a 40 day span, which was after Obama made a decision to run for President of the USA? Do they know about Obama and the Man’s Country Bath House that advertises “fantasy rooms,” bed rooms, male strippers, adult movies, and lockers. Here’s the url:


Do they know the real story behind the suspicious death Ashley Turton, 37, a DC lobbyist and former chief of staff to Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT when she was supposedly killed in a car fire? It’s interesting to note that she was associated to Rosa DeLauro, because Obama, Rosa DeLauro and Rohm Emanuel seem to have some significant ties to each other.

In 2008, many people wanted Obama vetted; they wanted to know who this dark horse was, where he came from, who he associated with and the truth about his credential that would qualify him to be our Commander in Chief. Thanks to the Liberal News Media, vetting never occurred – as he’s campaigns for a second term, we’re still waiting for him to be vetted.

The tangled web of politics has managed to cover up and hide the corruption in our Government and most of us will never live long enough for the real truth to surface.

The fact remains, all persons running for as a Presidential Candidate for 2012 should be vetted; we the people have a right to know who this person is, who they associate with, their work history and the credentials that qualify them for this position.

May God Bless America,
As Always,
Little Tboca