Obama Wasn’t Flipping Pancakes for 27 Years

Somewhat like Mary Poppins Obama came flying down from nowhere landing into the political arena in Illinois. As is his mode of operation, on December 26th, the last day for filing nominating petitions Obama had his volunteer campaign manager (Ron Davis) file a petition objecting to the legitimacy of the nominating petitions of Gha-is Askia and Marc Ewell, Lynch and his dear friend Alice Palmer.) Securing a seat in the Illinois Senate was a walk in the park for Obama, because he removed all competition.

His voting record in the Illinois Senate wasn’t much to brag about, he just straddled the fence voting “Present.” In March of 1998, he won the Senate re-nomination unopposed. His strategy of voting “present” in the Senate was accomplished in order to keep his voting slate clean as he began his quick climb for the US Senate.

In 1999 he lost a bid into the U.S. House of Representatives, but it didn’t phase him since he already held an Illinois Senate seat. In 2004 he weaseled his way into the US Senate continuing his voting preference of “present,” while he was being groomed for a run for Presidential campaign in 2007 and 2008.

By this time, the Chicago Style game of you rub my back and I’ll rub yours sky rocketed Obama’s career and he had many influential friends by this time. His first speech of real significance was at the Democratic Convention and after raving reviews by the news media, those holding political events were clamoring for him, which helped him raise large amounts of money while courting the Liberal News Media.

So the cat and mouse game begins, no one seems to know Obama’s where bouts before 1981. Although, he tells in “Dreams of My Father” that he participated in an SDS rally at Occidental giving gave a small speech. Obama has admitted mingling with the Marxists, Communists, Bill Ayers, Nation of Islam, Black Liberation Theology, Black political extremists, ACORN and of course the “Dear Reverend Wright.” He even brags about his peers at Occidental implying that he hung out with an assortment of radicals, socialists, Marxist-Leninists, Maoists and communists.

Obama and Tom Hayden were attached at the hip. Hayden established the National group called SDS (Students for Democratic Society) and was a State Representative of California; now Hayden is a professor at Occidental college. Hayden’s wife Jane Fonda was deeply embedded in the mix too! Obama delivered a very graphic speech for Hayden’s SED group advocating Socialist Ideology.

Here’s a portion of Hayden’s SDS manifesto and it pretty much will show that Obama is following Hayden’s rules like a Bible.

“Disobey your parents: burn your money: you know life is a dream and all of our institutions are man-made illusions effective because YOU take the dream for reality. … Break down the family, church, nation, city, and economy; turn life into an art form, a theatre of the soul and a theatre of the future; the revolutionary is the only artist. … What’s needed is a generation of people who are freaky, crazy, irrational, sexy, angry, irreligious, childish and mad: people who burn draft cards, burn high school and college degrees; people who say: “To hell with your goals!”; people who lure the youth with music, pot and acid; people who re-define the normal; people who break with the status-role-title-consumer game; people who have nothing material to lose but their flesh. …”

Hayden calls all of the crap above, beautiful sentiments. Does this remind you of a group of protestors that Obama, Soros, the Unions, Pelosi, Reid, Axelrod are backing as we speak.

They (meaning many puppeteers) have meticulously covered Obamas past with a very thin paper trail that no one has been able to verify. It would be impossible to vet this person that some call Obama, because he surrounded himself with the scum of the earth. His cabinet is full of the undesirables starting with Axelrod, including his top czars and senior advisers Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones and David Axelrod.

Van Jones is still very involved with Obama and gang orchestrating the Wall Street Protestors. Obama had a very shady past, one that he’s ashamed of – if the American people knew of his whereabouts prior to his Presidential run in 2008, Obama wouldn’t be President. Why hasn’t Obama been vetted?

Time to exterminate – the White House is infested with rodents and “Snuckers” those who sneak and consummate deals behind closed doors.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca