Let the Games Begin - 2012 Presidential Election

There’s a great Republican line up for the 2012 Presidential race; most of the candidates would like to receive Donald Trump and Sarah Palin’s endorsement. In fact if they both endorse the same candidate the polls could change drastically.

Who will Sarah Palin endorse – it sounds like she’s eyeing Rick Santorum, but Sarah isn’t going to waste her energy and support on anyone at this time until she observes a couple more debates.

Sarah is doing her own vetting and looking for the candidate who will enforce transparency, balance the budget, secure our borders and embrace our Constitution. During an interview on FOX news Sarah complimented Rick Santorum‘s Conservative strengths mentioning his agenda on cutting taxes, abortion and dealing with Iran.

Glenn Beck suggested that people take a good hard look at Rick, although Glenn isn’t planning on endorsing anyone at this time. Rick is just starting to gain traction and coming from behind may be an ideal fit for Rick, because he can analyze his competition and make necessary adjustments.

Donald Trump will be the moderator for the Presidential Debate on December 27, 2011 and the Donald said this debate will be different from previous debates. Mr. Trump will be doing his own vetting during this debate – foreign policy and jobs will definitely take the spot light. Donald feels the next President needs to be equipped to handle China, India, Iran, OPEC and bring the big Corporations back to the United States. Donald said he would make his decision on an endorsement sometime after this debate.

As we all know, it’s anyone’s horse race at this time and polls can change literally by the hour. Rick Perry has a gigantic war chest of money at this time and is fighting valiantly to overcome his problems during the various debates. Rick is a devout Christian man and he’s not shy in exposing Obama’s weaknesses as Commander in Chief.

Rick feels Obama’s energy and job plans stem from the advice of the environmental activists; Governor Perry is promoting his energy and job plan and giving America hope for the future, Rick says, “The next economic boom is right under our feet.”

Ron Paul’s faithful supporters never seem to waiver and many say that “Ron” is the only authentic Conservative in the race. If Ron should become our next Commander in Chief we can expect a much smaller government, States will resume their position as decision makers and Americans will once again become the active voice for a Government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Ron Paul never waivers from his convictions that our Government has become a meddlesome, irresponsible and corrupt mechanism that has stifled our potential to be truly independent. Our Rights and freedoms will be restored if Ron steps into the Oval Office.

Newt Gingrich has steadily climbed to the top and will be unmercifully cremated by the Obama Administration and the Liberal News Media. Newt will undergo intense scrutiny due to errors made previously when he was Speaker of the House, but Newt says he has learned some very hard lessons and he’s made his peace with “God.” Newt is following the yellow brick road to Donald Trump’s not so humble abode for Newt respects the Donald and would love to have “The Donald’s” endorsement.

Jon Huntsman along with Ron Paul may be making a very bad decision for both have declined Trump’s Presidential debate the end of December. It appears that Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman have declined the Trump debate due to personal grievances; Ron thinks a debate with Donald Trump as mediator is a total waste of time and beneath him. Only time will tell if these two candidates were wise in their decisions.

Jon’s quick jump into the political fray while Obama’s ambassador to China has been a little disconnected, but Jon is determined and it remains to be seen, if he can emerge a victor. Jon, like Mitt Romney is a staunch Mormon and one of the most popular Governor’s in Utah’s history.

Nothing more needs to be discussed at this time about Hermann Cain, because Hermann’s life has been completely tossed to the vultures as he’s been accused of one affair after another.

Mitt Romney has been the turtle of the pack, he’s been consistently staying in the middle of the road honing his debating skill – vetting Mitt has been a real problem, because he’s played his cards close to his chest. Whether he can weather the “flip flop” accusations remains to be seen. Just in the past couple of days, Mitt has emerged from behind closed doors, boxing gloves in hand and the real Mitt Romney just stood up!

Last but not least is Michelle Bachmann, a Conservative lady who may emerge in January as one of the front runners. Michelle reminds me of a comment about mamma grizzlies made by Sarah Palin. Michelle is a successful business person, believes in our Constitution, securing our borders and isn’t afraid of the devil himself.

Michelle has exposed the Obama Administration many times and will continue on this path as she moves forward in her Presidential Campaign. Some say, “We’re not ready for a strong patriotic woman to take over the helm as Commander in Chief. Others say Michelle is the answer to restoring our Nation, one step at a time.

Bottom line is this: any of these six candidates running for the Presidential Election in 2012 can take the Presidential title from Barack Obama.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca