Obama's Strategists

The Meddlers are the puppeteers; they have intruded in our business for we are no more a Government of the people, by the people and for the people. They hated to see a unified Country with freedom of speech and religion so they began to tamper with our laws. Today they’re a Heinz mix, some call them communists, others call them Socialists, Liberalists and Marxists – regardless they are the “terrorists” at work daily on our turf.

Most of all, they despised the strong family units, because parents actually raised their children, they mentored them, loved them and gave them the tools to become proud young competent Americans. They needed to destroy the strong family unit so they could devour our youth and create a generations of “useless idiots” to do their bidding without questioning the results.

They resented a Nation of citizens that lived by the Constitution passed down to them by their forefathers. They were determined to revise or destroy the first 10 Amendments or what we call the “Bill of Right.” Every day, they chunked away at our freedom of speech, our 2nd Amendment and our “Bill of Rights.”

Silently, they placed puppets in our schools, infiltrated Government and took control of our news media. At the same time, they created special interest groups who were mindless sheep controlled by the Salinsky crowd, the Soros worshippers, the Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn gang etc…

Many Americans fell victim to their deadly chess game, not willingly at first, but over a period of time they became brainwashed.

The “Meddler’s” smoke screen was always the pretense of furthering human rights and fundamental freedoms supposedly to take care of the poor, the underprivileged by spreading the wealth and the pretext of extending all human rights. The extension of all human rights was nothing more than an attempt to annihilate our Constitution as handed down by our forefathers.

The “extension of all human rights” therein is one of the biggest problems in our USA; there are no longer any checks and balances on human rights. Many people in the past few generations believe they have “rights,” but no responsibilities as citizens of our Country.

The Wall Street Protestors are a perfect example of brainless sheep wanting a free ride, believing they have unlimited rights and no responsibilities.

In order to do all of this the “meddlers” had to place their “robots” in the Supreme Court, which is nothing more than a hodge podge of judges who no longer do their job, which was to interpret the law. Our judges, not just the Supreme Court Judges re-write the law in order to protect a sick “Ideology.”

The “Meddlers” strategically waited until the housing bubble was in place and starting to tear our Nation apart; they ushered in the one called Obama (a puppet) to finish the job. Obama is programed; he can’t function without his teleprompter.

He has trouble putting two sentences together that make sense on his own, but under the watchful eye of the “Meddlers,” Obama has placed all businesses big and small under wraps, he’s increased our National Deficit over 4 trillion dollars and he’s stolen billions of dollars from us in the name of “redistribution.”

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca