They Want Our Pocketbooks, Homes, Jobs Freedom & Rights

Obama, Democrats & Liberal News Media

A daily dose of Liberal News is worse than taking a spring tonic – you feel immediate nausea and know that tomorrow will bring more toxic laced news with lies and propaganda. Trying to figure out why the Liberal Media basks in the promotion of political corruption is like trying to figure out why Obama won’t stand up for his Country.

A quick review of what’s new and what’s not so new in the news will remind you that America has major problems. The DNC (Democratic National Committee) is showing their muscle as they move into North Carolina in preparation for their 2012 September Convention. They’re outsourcing many jobs and leaving a message as they go, “that you must be unionized” if you want to win any contract.

There is some scuttlebutt on the streets saying the DNC is contacting the downtown Charlotte hotels saying the hotels must lay off their non-union employees during Convention time. The DNC chose Washington, DC-area vendor, Hargrove, Inc. (a company with a history of using union labor for its convention.) Posted by LaborUnionReport (Diary), November 6, 2011

Obama has obviously set up Israel and left them out in the cold. Condi Rice during an interview with Newsmax Chief Washington Correspondent Ronald Kessler said, “Israel will defend themselves against Iran.” We should be supporting Israel.

Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, in Libya and he’s behind the OWS Protestors, in fact he is a part of that group along with Soros, Code Pink, Unions and other Community interest groups knowing they would go after Israel.

MSNBC is having a hay day spouting propaganda about Herman Cain, they gleefully report about allegations of sexual harassment which is so vague and unsubstantiated. They’re relentless in their attack against the Republican Presidential Candidate. Here again, if there isn’t any real substantial news that proves beyond a doubt Cain is guilty; then we must assume Cain’s innocence until proven guilty.

CNN – unwisely talks about attorney Gloria Allred who is called by some a celebrity political activist; she’s representing a client on more charges against Herman Cain and sexual allegations.

One must ask the question, if in fact any of this is truth based why would these four women wait until Herman Cain is rising in the polls?Gloria Allred certainly doesn’t have a shiny past, but she dotes on the blood, gore and guts and loves to perform in front of the Liberal News Media.

NYT is hard on Herman Cain’s trail in a blog written by By NICHOLAS CONFESSORE a watch dog group has demanded that the FEC (Federal Election Commission) investigate Herman Cain’s campaign, questioning if Mark Block (his campaign manager) had allowed his tax exempt organization pay costs connected to Cain’s Presidential run. The Liberal News Media is attacking Herman Cain from all sides.

Just propaganda so far, no proof as yet, but these junkyard dogs won’t stop until they derail Herman Cain. It’s obvious that Herman is a thorn in Obama’s side and that pretty much means the Liberal News Media will remove him at all costs. These type accusations will definitely slow down Cain’s run as a Presidential candidate for 2012, if we Americans allow that to happen.

This week’s wrap up is pretty ugly. We have Obama today praising the Muslim unholy Eid al-Adha . He is attempting to buy votes through the student forgiveness program and a plan to make banks refinance those with “Under Water” mortgages. Don’t forget he’s behind the OWS Protestors and it is starting to turn violent. This person reminds me of the “Devil” in designer suits!

Meanwhile the Democrats are trying to stop the States from implementing Voter ID laws in an attempt to secure enough votes via the Illegal Aliens, terrorists and anyone else who isn’t legally a citizen of our USA.

Republican Governor John Kasich is in a fight for our lives, hopefully Ohioans will agree that Unions should pay a portion of their healthcare and retirement fund. The Unions have landed in Ohio loaded with money and they’re demanding donations ranging from 25 to 50 dollars from their Union members.

We need to fear the Obama and the Unions; they’re a force to be reckoned with and they will revert to violence if necessary. There’s More and More and More!

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca