The Four Stooges - Obama, Holder, Napolitana & ATF

by little tboca
Two of America’s Agents Murdered – No One Is In Charge

Brian Terry & Jaime Zapata Died Protecting Our Country and Obama, Holder, Napolitano and ATF go merrily about their business (whatever that might be.) Each one of these people have denied knowing that thousands of guns went walking across our border into Mexico.

It appears that no one is in charge, America I guess we’re flying on our own; we’re on auto pilot. That explains why we lost our stimulus money, unemployment is over 9.1%, millions are losing their homes and why the “Green companies” are costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

Obama skirted around the Fast and Furious gunrunner program saying, if there’s a problem he and Holder would fix it. Does murder of our border agents with guns that walked across the border into Mexico constitute a problem?

Guess not, because he buried his head in the sand and refused to get involved. Sort of like the “Green thing,” he’s involved with up to his armpits – billions of our money went out the back door of the White House and he says, “No Regrets.”

But on the other hand, Obama is too busy initiating class warfare and campaigning for 2012; he just can’t be bothered with murder of innocent citizens, the National Deficit and balancing the budget. He’s busy doing his community organizing with the OWL protestors and the Muslim Brotherhood and that’s a full time job, you know.

Holder vaguely remembers hearing about the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program, but then again why should he know? He’s the one in charge of DOJ, ATF and the chief law enforcement office of our Nation, but he can’t be bothered with thousands of guns that walked across our border into Mexico killing Two of our agents and thousands of innocent Mexicans.

Holder is too busy suing schools, the State of Arizona and Alabama over the illegal immigration problem and hiding pertinent information about the Southern California Muslims’ lawsuit against the FBI. He’s the one that spends his waking hours trying to skirt around the laws of our land trying to cover his backside and the Commander in Chief’s fanny.

ATF darn sure say they didn’t know about guns walking across our border, but if you notice the “Top ATF Dogs,” and the whistle blowers were shuffled off to D.C. so the DOJ could keep a finger on them.

In fact some even received rasises – guess keeping your mouth shut pays a pretty good salary.

Yesterday, Napolitano tried to pull a Pelosi batting her eyes and playing dumb, but that didn’t work so she had to admit that she thinks 12 of our agents have been murdered. She had the guts to say that she never talked with Holder about two of our Agents being murdered or the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program. Napolitano is in charge of Homeland Security, so much for Homeland Security!

So that sort of leaves us with the question of what is she doing? Well for one thing she’s hiding behind a policy called prosecutorial discretion which allows some illegal aliens work in our Country.

Napolitano and ICE Director John Nortonz used the “prosecutorial discretion” policy this past June pretty much meaning that only the worst offenders in the illegal aliens will be deported.

It appears to me that that Obama can’t lead, the Attorney General has too many lapses of memory, the ATF isn’t in charge, Napolitano feigns amnesia and America we’re still on auto pilot. which keeps him from doing his job. Our border agents are being murdered with our weapons that walked across the border.

Our Commander in Chief is clueless about the Gunrunner operation even though he funded it 10,000,000. Holder doesn’t know about the gunrunner program, but he bragged about it in a speech saying he was going to enlarge the program . Napolitano is like having a bull dog on a short leash that just keeps piling more and more crap on our feet – she’s incompetent or ignorant.

It’s obvious that Obama, Holder, ATF and Napolitano need to be removed from our White House – for no one is responsible and no one can do their job. These four people are placing our Nation in harm’s way.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca