Eric Holder & Border Patrol Agent Jesus E. Diaz Jr.

Holder Is Not God
Let’s get this straight; Eric Holder refuses to give Darrell Issa and Senator Grassley the requested information on the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program. He’s actually meddling in our citizen’s freedoms and right – not attempting to stand up for Brian Terry border patrol agent killed by one of the guns Holder allowed to walk across the border.

Holder doesn’t place any particular value on one of our American’s lives; he turns his head and continues one lawsuit after another against Americans and their freedoms. He is the reason that one of our agents has been sentenced to two years in prison – to this site and read about Agent Jesus E. Diaz Jr.

Eric Holder & Border Patrol Agent Jesus E. Diaz Jr. . by Kimberly Dvorak – Homeland Security Examiner – October 24, 2011

All Americans need to get involved and demand the release of Border Patrol Agent Jesus “Chito” Diaz. Holder once again has misconstrued and abused the laws of our land. Call or email your representatives and demand the release of our agent.

Our Agent, Chito was cleared previously by the Office of Inspector General and OPR regarding prosecution and Holder stepped in to appease the Mexican Government hoping they’d forget the murders of their citizens by high powered weapons that walked across the border.

Holder puts an agent behind bars for handcuffing and raising the arms of an illegal alien, but he won’t fight for Brian Terry and prosecute those who are responsible for his death and the death of US Special Agent Jaime Zapata.

Now Holders has sued Alabama for their new immigration law – the law mirrors Arizona’s 1070. Holder, if you remember sued the state of Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer for the 1070 law. The 10th amendment of the constitution protects states’ rights to pass laws, but Holder contends that immigration enforcement is the Federal Governments job.

Eric Holder construes the laws of our land to fit his agenda – he refuses to follow our Constitution as handed to us by our forefathers. Holder has blood on his hands for the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program and he’s apparently going to walk away unscathed.

America, don’t allow our border agent to be Holder’s guinea pig – demand that Jesus “Chito” Diaz. be released immediately. Here’s the DOJ’s contact information – email, mail or phone the DOJ and demand that “Chito” be released immediately. http://www.justice.gov/contact-us.html

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