Obama's Three Years in Office - Not a Pretty Sight

The master of “redistribution” is not a happy camper since his jobs plan number one was turned down by Democrats and his jobs plan number two met with the same disapproval.

Democrats didn’t like his budget this spring and kicked it to the curb, not one Democrat would vote for his budget – that’s about as bad as it gets. If the Democratic Base refuses to back the “Redistribution Specialist.” he’s in deep doo doo.

He’s hot on the campaign trail with our 1.1 million dollar Canadian Tour Bus sticking his tongue out at the taxpayers, actually taunting them by spending millions of their hard earned dollars daily. He’s angry with the House and Senate calling them names and threatening them if they don’t give him his stimulus package.

Obama has resorted to class warfare pitting the Private Sector against the Public Sector, those who have worked hard for their money against those who prefer taking Government handouts and trying to terrorize little fourth graders, senior citizens and our youth. Please remember Obama’s agenda has never been or ever will be based on reviving the American dream or restoring economic prosperity.

Here’s a brief snapshot of Obama’s three years in office – not a pretty sight!

787 Billion Dollars Stimulus Package Gone – No jobs

4 Trillion dollar increase in National Deficit in just three years

14 Million Americans Unemployed

Almost 20 % Unemployment – Counting Those No Longer Looking For Jobs

According to the USDA, 45,753,078 Americans and 21,581,234 households on food stamps

2011 – Approximately 3 million homes going thru the foreclosure process

Businesses frozen due to EPA, Obamacare and excessive Government regulations
Billions lost on “Green Companies:” Solyndra, Son Power, Ormat Nevada Inc, Solar Power (2), Fisker

National Deficit as of 10/23/2011 9:06 PM Mountain Time: 14,867,975,841,247
US Total Debt: 54,552,588,762,251
Debt per taxpayer: 132,328

OBAMA”S REPORT CARD “F” – Worst Presidential Record in History of the USA
May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca