Obama - Two Men Have a Plan

Obama wants more taxes, more EPA regulations on businesses and more Government intervention – he keeps saying Republicans don’t have a plan and we all know that’s a lie.

Two men have emerged during this economic recession presenting a plan that would generate, stimulate and support businesses big and small. Their ideas are sound and address the problems that have stifled economic growth. Neither man says, “it’s my way or the highway.”

Both men realize that the intensity of this recession comes from the strangling hold Government has placed on our business world. Both men want to ease the burden placed on businesses giving them incentives to hire and to grow. Businesses big and small are the economic wheels that can and will restore our Nation’s weak foundation.

But, there’s always a “But” when dealing with the Obama Administration – they want bigger Government, more control and more spending. As we speak, Obama has hit the campaign trail demanding more money, demanding more taxes on the higher income brackets and demanding that Republicans just roll over and play dead while he slaps yet another stimulus bill on the taxpayer’s tab.

Paul Ryan and Hermann Cain have had the guts to step forward with a plan that would work. Both realize that the Obama Administration has deliberately stopped the very source that can create a robust economy. Businesses have the money to grow and to hire, but as Steve Wynn said months ago they are afraid of the Obama Administration.

Obamacare and the strangle hold that the Government now has on our businesses big and small didn’t just slow up the wheels that create a healthy economy – they brought everything related to economic growth to a screeching halt.

Next time Obama’s on the road and throwing darts and daggers at the Republicans, please remember that Paul Ryan and Hermann Cain have solutions that would immediately create jobs and stimulate our economic growth.

Basically, they say close the loopholes created by businesses such as General Electric, Exxon Mobile, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and other big corporations. Many of these companies not only avoided paying taxes, they received refunds from the taxpayers. .

Next a tax restructuring that is permanent, not temporary – temporary changes won’t encourage businesses to hire or grow; they’ve in shell shock and won’t move on rinky dinky temporary changes. Ryan and Cain believe in implementing a revenue neutral basis, which would be an absolutely a blessing if this should happen.

Cain and Ryan have some sound basic ideas with permanent changes that would support and encourage business growth. The next logical step would be for Democrats and Republicans to sit down and make unanimous decisions that would jump start all businesses who are sitting in the wings waiting on a miracle.

The truth remains that Obama, many Democrats, the Unions, Community Interest Groups don’t want smaller Government, so when Obama is yelling “pass my plan,” just remember his plan is bigger Government, more spending and a higher National Deficit.

Until Americans get nerve enough to stand toe to toe with Obama telling him he’s their employee and he needs to return to the White House and do his job, nothing will improve between now and November 2012.

There are many Republicans and Democrats that would work together, but Obama keeps driving a wedge between the two parties, which is basically one of the Rules for Radicals – “Keep the troops distracted and divided.”

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca