The Dumpsters - the Liberal News Media

They are the “dumpsters” of 2011 – creating havoc and spewing garbage from coast to coast. MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters and NYT’s claim to fame is X-rated news, nothing more, nothing less.

The Liberal News Media continues their dysfunctional journalism – interestingly enough they all have the same pre packaged stories to tell. Not one of them appears to have the talent or inclination to report news in an unbiased manner. Here’s a brief run down of their latest and greatest headlines.

MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, Media Matters are in awe about the Wall Street protestors and are asking for photos and videos. The OWL is about all they can think about at this time and yet the Liberal News Media seems to be confused about the mission of the protestors.

Is it Wall Street, more entitlements or is it a group of lost sheep who are bored, confused and incapable of functioning on their own?

We know the protestors are being financed – we know food, clothing and toiletries are being shipped in to the OWL protestors .We know that Soros, the Unions, Obama, many Democrats and community interest groups support them, but we don’t know what the strategy is behind the protest. Is this protest just for the purpose of distraction or do they have a real message?

One of CNN’s Weekly bloggers exerted a large window of time telling us why the Republican Candidates for 2012 shouldn’t be using “God” in their speeches. He even went as far as to say there might be campaign slogans that say, “Vote for me or God won’t bless America.” “God” seems to be a real thorn in his side, maybe he needs to take a pilgrimage and just get away from it all. Last time I checked, “God” is alive and well!

Actually Associated Press’s coverage of Obama’s tour at Jamestown N.C. was rather humorous. They noted at one point that Obama had to inform the crowd that “He was the President.” AP just covered Obama the way all professional journalists should do – unlike the Supreme Court, they didn’t rewrite the message.

Obama actually told the group at Jamestown that the GOP wanted to get a handle on EPA, repeal Obamacare, increase the production of domestic oil and roll back the Obama reforms of the financial system.

Obama sort of got caught with his pants down here – he knows exactly what it would take to put Americans back to work, but he refuses to take the necessary steps that would get our economic wheels turning. One must wonder what his real mission is as Commander in Chief of our Nation.

NYT attempts to gloss over the Obamacare problems that keep raising their ugly heads. The Times pretends that the “long term care”insurance plan hidden in the small print of the Obamacare package is not big deal – yet it’s a very big deal because it was supposedly the source that would help fund this monstrosity.

The NYT has an uncanny way of disregarding the real issues about Obamacare, they refuse to discuss the real problems. They foolishly continue supporting Obamacare, which has proven to be one of the biggest problems with America’s economic woes. Obamacare has already had an adverse affect on insurance companies, the medical field, private individuals and businesses.

So a quick run down of the Liberal News Media shows they have a love affair with the OWL protestors, “God” remains a sticky issue for them, Obamacare appears to be their only talking point for Obama the past three years and they continue bashing and trashing Conservatives, the tea parties and GOP. One must wonder what America are they fighting for…

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca