As the Donald Would Say - "You're Fired Obama"

Obama’s speech at Martin Luther King Memorial Dedication service neglected some of the most critical parts of Dr. King’s speech – he calls Dr. King a black preacher with no official rank or title stirring our conscience to help make our Union more perfect. But Obama and his speech writers didn’t take time to study everything that was in Dr. King’s speech.

Dr. King refers to the words in our Constitution saying we received a promissory note -this note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the “unalienable Rights” of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Obama and his administration did not honor this note – they in turn gave us a bad check which read “insufficient funds” to coin the words of Dr. King.

Obama took 878 billion dollars of our money, actually stole it from all of us promising jobs and a better tomorrow. So when Obama speaks today in honor of the Martin Luther King Memorial Dedication, I cringe to think that he is disguising himself as a foot soldier pretending to continue the works of Dr. King.

Enough is enough, all Americans must realize that our “unalienable rights” of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness isn’t the agenda of the one some call Barack Obama.

When Obama speaks of the “oneness” of man, one must wonder how he can even speak these words. In less than three years, he’s distracted, divided Americans devouring our money and hopes of a better day. The African American Community under the Obama Administration has suffered due to his agenda of “redistribution.” In fact, he turned his back on them and left them out in the cold.

Democrats took control in 2006 insisting that Freddie, Fannie and other lenders continue loaning to those not qualified, to those who would never pay back their loans. Democrats intentionally and blatantly kept throwing fuel on the housing crisis.

Obama played on human emotion promising hope and change when he campaigned in 2008 – he blamed everyone for the economic problems, everyone that is except the Democrats. Never in our history has one man destroyed so many jobs, so many lives and yet has the audacity to hide behind the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King.

In retrospect, we bought a “pig in a poke” when we allowed Barack Obama to be ushered in as our Commander in Chief in 2008. No one, except his handlers and the Liberal News Media knew where he came from, what his credentials were nor what his political agenda was for our Nation.

What we do know is Obama and his Administration unleashed EPA on all businesses, passed Obamacare before anyone knew what was in it, bailed out Wall Street, redistributed 787 billion dollars and brought America to its knees.

Obama is trying to confiscate more of our money via another stimulus bill called the Obama Jobs Bill to the tune of 447 billion dollars. It’s not paid for as he promised!

We know that the Government backed loan to Solyndra cost taxpayer’s $535 million and that Solyndra closed it doors, fired 1100 employees and taxpayer’s are the ones on the hook for $535 million dollars. We do know Sun Power and other green companies who have been subsidized by the Obama Administration are struggling!

We do know that the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program was funded by Obama using 10,000,000 of our stimulus package and we do know that both Obama and Eric Holder knew about this deadly program in 2009. One funded it and the other choreographed the program.

We do know that Barack Obama and his Administration didn’t honor the promissory note Dr. King referred to in our Constitution; instead they sent us a bill for 4 trillion dollars, raised the debt ceiling and placed businesses in “lock down.”

I believe Dr. Martin Luther King would be the first to stand toe to toe with Barack Obama and say, “Mr.Obama you have defaulted on your promissory note to all Americans regardless of our race, color of skin or stature.” As the “Donald” would say, “You’re fired Obama.”

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca