Obama - The Radicals - A Lost Generation

A group of people exists within our midst that hate the Constitution as laid down by our forefathers; they have spent years gnawing away at the very foundation that has make America exceptional. They have infiltrated our Government, our schools, our homes taking away our freedoms and rights.

They’ve attempted to remove God from the courthouses, our pledge of Allegiance, from our coins and out of our children’s schools. They are constantly degrading us, telling us what they perceive as wrong and assuring us they can fix it.

They ridicule, lie and spew verbal rape as is noted in their canned speeches. They mimic each other, they use the same words and they lie, lie, lie…

Until I started comparing their actions, their verbiage and their motives nothing was making sense – it was disturbing to watch and listen to certain journalists, politicians and our Commander in Chief as they conjured blatant attacks against the United States of America. They are ashamed of us!

Then it was self evident that we had allowed this group of people over a span of many years to infiltrate our Nation, our schools, our Government and our homes. They preyed on the poor using them as sheep to do their dirty work always trying to organize them into what is referred to as a “mass power.”

Their agenda is simple, yet deadly – they strive to keep the troops (Americans) distracted and divided as they promote their agenda. They want to change our Nation from what it is to what they want it to be…

Listen to their rhetoric, note the similarity in their method of communication and realize that what they say has nothing to do with the truth.

Just recently we’ve witnessed their mode of operation and watched as they constantly stir the pot always blaming others for their inept ability to lead and keep our Country safe.

When the Tucson massacre occurred, they immediately blamed Sarah Palin, Republicans questioning our 2nd Amendment rights.

The tea party movement frightened them so their only recourse was to demonize this group of citizens who wanted our individual freedoms restored, our borders secured, our Military kept safe and returning our Government to a Government of the people by the people and fore the people.

They use scare tactics when Paul Ryan presented his budget – they tried to scare the older generation and say Paul was going to push “granny” off the cliff. They attacked Sarah Palin with vengeance, but how sad to think that anyone would stoop so low as to make fun of her youngest son who has Downs Syndrome.

Pelosi’s remarks about Republicans on October 13, 2011 saying that Republicans will be voting to allow women to die on the floor. They hope Glenn Beck puts a gun to his head and pulls the trigger. They make fun of those suffering and dying from Alzheimers.

But, what created my curiosity about this group of people was the way they embraced the OWL protestors. Obama, Plouffe, Pelosi, Soros, the Unions, ACLU all jumped on National TV praising the protestors.

This appeared to be a very strange reaction, but now we realize that these young people who have been taught that the world owes them a living will be the chosen ones to reform our Nation.

The most terrifying part of this story is this – in our complacency, our attempt to be politically correct we have spawned a group of youngsters who are lost sheep, lacking attention, mentoring and guidance because we were just too busy trying to keep up with the Jones’s.

We have a very dangerous group of people who have been brainwashed; they are the product of many generations. They have been mentored, disciplined and controlled by people like Soros, Alinsky, and many others dating way back in the 1930’s and beyond. They have infiltrated our schools, our colleges, our Government and our Nation.

Alinksy was considered one of the greatest community organizers of all times, which is a pretty scary thought when you remember Obama’s only claim to fame was a community organizer.

Will they change, absolutely not – they are the result of a silent revolution that has been taking place in our Nation for years. Their tools are propaganda, vile rhetoric laced with lies – they are the polished technicians who have perfected the art of “distracting and dividing.” They thrive on verbal rape and in their world truth does not exist.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca