No One is Home at the "White House"

There’s our politicians hustling and bustling to and fro from the White House; they appear to be living in a world of disillusion and denial. Actually not a sole at home in the White House – no one is responsible, no one is in charge and no one is running our Government. They’ve “Gone Fishing.”

Today when terrorists and the drug cartel appear to be in cahoots in a plot to murder Saudi’s Ambassador, blow up the Israel and Saudi embassies in Washington D.C. with weapons of mass destruction, our Commander in Chief is tip toeing thru the pumpkins in Pennsylvania.

He’s and his teleprompter are spewing political crap to the Unions promising them the rose garden with all of our roses. He is disengaged, clueless and unable to lead our Nation.

Tonight Obama is headed for Orlando for a couple of fund raisers – he’s fretting about his 2012 Presidential campaign, not the least bit concerned about the safety of Americans. One would expect their Commander in Chief to be at the White House making critical decisions about the terrorists and Iran. Instead, the Commander in chief has “Gone Fishing” for votes and campaign dollars.

Like the Solyndra scandal, no one is in charge – Obama shrugs his shoulders when we question the loss of ½ billion dollars and says he has no regrets! The Department of Energy denied any wrong doing and slipped behind closed doors to give billions more of our money to the “Green Gang,” before the September rolled around – it was a use it or lose it deal and since it was taxpayers’ money they opted to lose it!

The Fast and Furious gunrunner program is another crisis. Obama has said all year that if there was a real problem with the Fast and Furious gunrunner program – he’d make sure it was corrected. Months have passed, 2 of our agents murdered and many of our Mexican friends (men, women and children slaughtered.)

Obama, Holder and DOJ just play stupid and pretend that someone else must be in charge of this program – problem is Obama allotted millions of dollars in 2009 to the Gunrunner program and the DOJ’s website has a speech that Holder made in 2009 about growing the Fast and Furious gunrunner program. They have blood on their hands – Obama & Holder have “Gone Fishing.”

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) are playing hide and seek; they scooped the whistle blowers up and dropped them off in D.C. where they could be supervised and not do anymore whistling. ATF denies any wrong doing, but the murders happened on their watch too!

Yesterday, we were told that one of the key drug lords (Torres Marrufo) known as the Jaguar had an arsenal of guns hidden in secret rooms including many Fast and Furious weapons that the DOJ and ATG had walked across the border to Mexico.

But no one knows how the murder weapons walked from our turf to Mexico’s turf, no one knows who bought the guns, how they ended up in the hands of one of the most dangerous drug lords in Mexico. No one is in charge or accountable again, everyone’s “Gone Fishing.”

Our 787 billion dollar stimulus package disappeared behind closed doors, under the table shady deals and out the back door of the White House. No one is in charge, no one is accountable and no one cares except 14 million Americans who have lost their jobs, homes and hope.

Next time Obama and his administration want more money – just put a sign on your door “Gone Fishing,” and get the heck out of town. In 2012, let’s go to the White House and clean out the low life who has been riding in luxury on our dollars too long.

Three things to remember between now and 2013; (1) No more spending, (2) No more taxes, and (3) No more Obama.

May God Bless Our Nation

As Always,
Little Tboca