Tell Obama, Congress & Liberal News Media "NO"

AMERICAN JUST SAY “NO.” “No” to Obama’s job plan (stimulus package.) ”No” to anymore tax malarkey. “No” to anymore false promises. “No” to another charge card on our dime. “No” to anymore lies from Obama or Congress.

Take back your Government Americans – quite letting inept people ruin our lives. Fight for your kids and grandchildren; leave them a legacy they can embrace with pride.

Let’s take their charge card away from them, just like we would do with a teenager who misuses the privilege – stop bailing them out!

Quit listening to the Liberal News Media – they are not our friends. Quit listening to the doom and gloom Obama is feeding us on his 2012 campaign trail. Make him responsible for our 787 billion dollar stimulus he “redistributed.” Make him do his job as Commander in Chief. Don’t let Obama have anymore of our money. We work too hard; many of us are unemployed, lost our homes and lost hour hope of a better tomorrow; don’t let the redistribution specialist con us again!

Join me Little Tboca, which means T – ake B – ack O– ur C-ountry A-merica and fight the corruption in the White House. Our elected employees are supposed to work for us – now make them work.

There is plenty of money in our Government to cut the National Deficit and pay our bills. Obama and Congress need to kiss their sacred cows goodbye. It’s time to stop spending and reduce our National Deficit not next year, but today.

No more Obama Stimulus plans, Americans lost 787 billion dollars in 2009. We believed Obama when he told us laws that are created will be open to the public promising no more behind closed doors deals or secrecy.

He promised transparency that every pork barrel project will be online for Americans to view and promised that it would stop Congress from sneaking in any pork projects. Obama promised that we would have 5 days to review all bills before they would go to Congress for a vote.

Obama is trying to dupe Americans for the second time in less than three years. Not one thing accomplished from the first stimulus bill except 4 trillion plus increase in our National Deficit and our unemployment is far over the 8 % he promised. He promised to cut the National Deficit in half, need I say more?

The Liberal News treats his new jobs plan (stimulus bill) just like they did in 2008, talking about job creation like it was a done deal if Congress would just pass the bill. The Liberal News Media forget that his hyped up campaign speeches in 2011 are nothing more than a reproduction of his canned speeches of 2009.

He promised jobs in 2009, he’s promising jobs in 2011. He promised infrastructure and construction jobs ins 2009, he’s promising infrastructure and construction jobs in 2011. In June of 2011, he made a dirty Obama joke saying, “He guessed that shovel ready wasn’t as shovel ready as he expected.”

Do Americans think another stimulus bill will solve any problems? Do they really think this bill is already paid for as Obama said, “that not one dime will come out of taxpayers’ pockets? Do they really think that jobs will be created by handing Obama ½ a billion dollars? Do they really think taxing businesses or the wealthy as Obama calls them will stimulate the economy and produce jobs?

If anyone wonders why they aren’t working today and putting money in the bank, just ask businesses big and small; they have the money to hire and grow, but they are afraid of the Obama Administration.

There are only a few viable solutions that will place our Nation back on its once strong foundation; (1) Ruthlessly slash the Obama spending frenzy, (2) Remove Obamacare, (3) Remove all the frivolous regulations on businesses (big and small), and (4) Balance our budget

We can spend the next few years pretending that our economy will become strong and resilient if we just spend more, tax the wealthy and ignore our National Deficit of $14,639,000,000,000. In the meantime, unemployment will increase, our National Deficit is increasing about 3 million dollars every minute and Americans are suffering.

May God Bless This Nation and Give Us Courage to Take Back Our Country, America (Tboca)

As Always,
Little Tboca