Obama – Democrats Won’t Pass Your Jobs Plan

What doesn’t Obama understand about his stacked jobs plan – Americans know it’s a 2nd stimulus bill for his “redistribution dysfunction.” Obama wants taxpayers to roll over and cough up 447 billion dollars.

He might as well get over his temper tantrums and find something else to campaign on for 2012. No one is interested in passing his jobs bill now or later – it’s an Obama scam and we’ve been there and done that to the tune of 787 billion dollars in 2009.
He flounced into Texas today climbed on his stump and blamed Eric Canter and Republicans for not passing his job plan.

How long can he fool those who are hanging onto his coattails? Here’s the scoop, just like his grandiose budget last spring, the Democrats are standing toe to toe with him and saying we’re not interested in scamming Americans again.

Harry Reid tossed Obama’s job plan on the back burner inferring that the Senate had more important issues to resolve. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) yelled loud and clear that Obama’s jobs plan won’t pass the Senate.

DEMS aren’t happy because Obama has been lying to Americans saying that his JOB PLAN is paid for and won’t cost taxpayers a dime. Actually many of them aren’t agreeing with him on raising taxes on anyone at a time when unemployment is over 9% and 14 million Americans have lost their jobs.

Obama is actually making a fool of himself playing the class warfare and blame game – neither one will buy him a second term in 2012. Everyone, except the Liberal News is tiring of his blame game, his race card, his church card and his “Pitty Parties.”

His Democratic base is flying the coop and not looking back; they’ve been beaten up and confused the past three years by this person some call Obama. They know they have a “rat in their icebox,” and job security is etched on their forehead.

Next time, you hear Obama say “Pass My Jobs Plan Bill” right now – tell him to take a long hike or a cold shower or get lost. Democrats won’t pass his job’s plan, Republicans won’t pass his job plan and Americans aren’t interested in another stimulus bill.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca