Obama Dealt Democrats a Losing Hand

What are Democrats feeling after listening to Obama’s news conference today? This may be the wakeup call that in fact may lose Obama all changes of a run for President in 2012. The Democrats have been totally abandoned by Obama!

This morning they sat and listened to a man who’s acting like a caged animal – he’s on the fight and will attack any and all who get in his way. His body language along with his rhetoric reveals his anger and discontent. Americans, it looks like we have a problem that could be worse than the economy.

The Commander in Chief alienates himself from his duties in the White House; he’s in a campaign mode and oblivious to the real world. Obama appears to be functioning on hot air and incapable of facing reality. This person truly is living in a fictitious make believe world.

Democrats know the Obama’s jobs plan isn’t paid for and they know the brunt of the cost for this second stimulus will be placed on taxpayer’s shoulders. Democrats must be thinking about several things this morning: (1) How can we replace this person in the 2012 elections, and (2) How do we get him to stop campaigning and, (3) What do we do with him between now and 2012?

Harry Reid threw up his hands, right in the middle of Obama’s speech and said the Senate will take a vote on the jobs plan this afternoon. Harry knows Democrats won’t pass the bill and this will create further havoc with the Democratic base. Harry is tired of Obama’s threats!

What Harry is concerned about at this time is Obama’s real reasons for funding Solyndra and other green companies that are declaring bankruptcy. He no doubt wonders how much Obama and Holder actually are involved in the deadly “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program.

Obama basically wasted an hour of our time executing “The Rules of Radicals” this AM; he is attempting to pit Americans against Congress saying he knows how Americans feel. If he really knew how Americans feel, he wouldn’t say he had “no regrets” about Solyndra. The half billion lost was taxpayers’ money.

The first stimulus that was squandered was taxpayers’ hard earned money; the second stimulus he’s proposing that he calls a job plan is once again taxpayers’ money. Americans know that Obamacare has stalled our economic growth – Obama doesn’t care about us, he cares about “redistribution.”

Maybe no one noticed, but he actually threw Eric Holder under the bus on the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program saying he had confidence in Holder; this remark was a set up. He knows that Holder is on his way out and he pitched a curve to Holder when he said, “both he and Holder would be “very unhappy” if guns were allowed to pass through to Mexico in a way that could have been prevented.”

Obama is pretty confident his backside is covered in the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program and he definitely knows that he just dealt Holder a losing hand.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca