Obama's Report Card

Redistribution the Obama Way
Our money, not his gone – our jobs, not his gone, our dreams, not his gone! Our National Deficit has increased over 4 trillion on Obama’s watch. Below a few highlights of Obama’s Rampage since 2009.

Stimulus package – 787 billion (New Stimulus Bill – 447 billion jobs plan If passed)
Libya War – 4 plus million per day
African Americans – 17% unemployment
Solyndra – 535 million dollars
The Green Thing – 20 billion plus much more (Only time will tell how much spent.)
Department of Energy – Trying to spend over 9 billion more on the “green thing” before sunset on 9/30/11
Fast and Furious Gunrunner Program – Obama signed 10 million to grow the program
14 million Americans out of work – 9.1% unemployment
Unsecured borders – memo from Obama to ICE not to deport Illegal Aliens

2009 thru 10/1/2011 Report Card Barack Hussein Obama Subject Grade Comment
Unemployment F – 9.1 – actually close to 18%
Foreign Affairs D – Credited for Bin Laden
Budget F – No budget, no budget, no budget
Afghanistan D – Totally disengaged –
Iraq F F Doesn’t Have a Clue
Libya 0 Started 3rd war without permission
Healthcare F Obamacare suffocating our businesses
Immigration F – Disengaged – never secured our borders
Energy F – Not one good thing to say about this
Spending 0 Increased National Deficit over 4 trillion
Green Thing F – Billions spent very few jobs

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca