Obama Bites the Hands That Feeds Us

Obama has lost the movie star status of 2008; he and his trusty teleprompter have lost their pizazz. The Jews and African American communities, the Liberal News Media, even the Liberal Democrats are distancing themselves from the “Redistribution King.”

Obama has not solved our unemployment or our National Deficit problems – he’s only disguised them and rearranged them. The “King of Redistribution” has demoralized our Nation.

Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States. Ronald Reagan

Governments tend not to solve problems, only to rearrange them. Ronald Reagan

African American communities have been hardest hit by Obama’s famous 787 billion dollar stimulus plan; their unemployment rate is hovering around 17 %. The poor are getting poorer! Just three days ago, Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that the African Americans strongly favorable views of Obama has come crashing down from 83% to 53% in just a few months.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), says unemployment is unconscionable and she doesn’t have a clue what his strategy is and Reverend Jesse Jacksons say the high unemployment situation in the African American community a “state of emergency.”

In Washington, speaking to the Black Caucus Obama literally pokes fun at them telling them to quit crying and complaining – guess he’s even disengaged when it comes to our black community. They’re not crying and complaining; they’re scared!

CNN’s Jack Cafferty isn’t a happy camper and doesn’t hesitate to tell Americans that Ralph Nader is advocating that the Democrats bring in a new Democratic candidate suggesting that if Obama runs unopposed voter enthusiasm will be in the tanks, because voters won’t be able to see the difference in Democrats and Republicans. According to Nader many Liberal leaders support Ralph Nader’s views.

Many conservative and Liberal Democrats aren’t supporting Obama at this time and his approval rating just keeps slipping out of sight. Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., doesn’t think much of Obama’s job plan saying spending cuts shouldn’t be piggy backed on increases in tax revenues. Ben says our Government has a spending problem.

Hollywood no longer has a love affair with Obama and many of their fundraisers are expressing disappointment in Obama. Hollywood is high on ratings and numbers – basically Obama is rapidly losing his celebrity status.

The Liberal News Media is beginning to distance themselves from Obama and no longer thinks the sun sets on Obama – it appears they bet all of their money on Obama because he was black and a great orator. They ushered him into the White House, now they can’t figure out how to remove him from his present position as Commander in Chief.

The Liberal News Media has plumb run out of gas; (1) They can’t rave about unemployment because it’s at an all-time high, (2) They can’t rave about Obamacare, because it’s one of the major reasons that business have been laying off employees, and (3) They can’t rave about the National Deficit because it has increased over 4 trillion in less than three years.

So to those who are fans of Obama’s job plan and yelling “pass the bill,” “pass the bill,” just remember you’re biting the hand that feeds you; the millionaires are the investors who give the hand up to businesses (big and small) and to the entrepreneurs. They’re the gas that can get our economic wheels moving ahead in the right direction.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca