Obama & His "Prairie Dogs" Have Taken Over Our White House

Our White House has turned into a “Prairie Dog” town; there’s no real leaders in the White House community just a conglomeration of politicians patting their tummy and rubbing their heads and poking their head out every now and then to see if it’s spring yet.

We have a bunch of creatures in the prairie dog house running to and fro digging more holes and stashing taxpayer’s cash. The dominant inhabitant (the big dog) surrounds himself or herself with a bunch of little “gophers or prairie dogs who basically do all the grunt work.

The gophers tote and carry for the “big dogs” writing speeches, composing press releases and in general insuring that the “big dog” is comfy and not in harm’s way. The only time the “big dog” pops his head out of his hole is when he needs more taxpayer’s money.

Just to give you a visual of the “Prairie Dog” community in the White House, it’s important to realize that these dogs have taken over our White House, formed little communities with special titles such as EPA, DOE (Department of Energy), ATF and DOJ. All of Obama’s Czars have moved into our White House creating their own little communities while they thrive on taxpayer’s hard earned money.

The EPA prairie dogs literally tunneled clear across the United States stopping at every business big and small and dropping off regulations that have literally forced business to close their doors, lay off employees – the EPA dogs along with Obamacare are responsible for our fallen economy. Like Steve Wynn said, businesses are afraid of the Obama Administration.

Let’s see what DOJ and ATF prairie dogs are up to – they went underground with the Fast and Furious gunrunner program (aka, Project Gunwalker, Project Gunrunner.) Obama appropriated 10 million dollars of our stimulus money for the project and Holder orchestrated it directing DOJ and ATF dogs.

This is probably one of the most deadly projects in our Nation’s history, the DOJ and ATF buried themselves deep underground and creating tunnels for the distribution of our high powered weapons into the hands of the drug cartel. Many have died from this project and more will fall victim to this vicious gunrunner program.

The DOE (Department of Energy) didn’t go too far underground when they gave Solyndra ½ billion of our stimulus money; they were pretty confident that Americans would be too busy to notice we’d just lost ½ billion dollars.

Yet, the rest of the story about the DOE prairie dogs is still going to be very painful for taxpayers and again these dogs surfaced and right in front of God and everyone they’re trying to distribute billions of our money for the “green thing,” before the end of September rolls around.

So it’s obvious that the “prairie dogs” have taken over our White House – each one has gone underground with our money to feed their sacred cows. We have within our midst a large order of selfish, greedy conniving mammals that are destroying our Country
characterized by their glib tongues, lies and political rhetoric.

These prairie dog communities in our White House are filled with corruption and we need to fumigate the White House and remove these rodents on or before 2013 rolls around. Our White House is now the “Prairie Dog” house; all of these dogs bury themselves way underground never to be seen unless they need more money.

May God Bless Our America
As Always,
Little Tboca