Time to Give Obama His Pink Slip

Obama definitely needs a “Do Over,” on the Hill. James Carville gave Obama great advice when he said,”Panic and fire some people.”

President Clinton tells him now is a bad time to even thing about raising taxes. President Clinton sees two very obvious problems that Obama has; (1) Democrats are bailing and scattering in search of a new leader, and (2) Obama doesn’t have a clue how to be our Commander in Chief.

Here’s a pretty solid idea for Obama – fire Jeffrey Immelt (CEO of General Electric) the one Obama appointed to head the President’s Council on Jobs and Competiveness. Immelt is the one responsible for laying off Americans and hiring the Chinese to use our technology. It’s time to give Jeffrey his pink slip.

General Electric uses our Country as an elite resort, a place to receive all the amenities without paying – GE is definitely one of the “Snookers” in America. Like Warren Buffet, they need to pay their share of the taxes. Warren and Immelt need a time out behind bars until they start paying taxes like millions of our businesses (big and small) do…

Eric Holder is the next one who should get his pink slip today – here is a person who is making a living working outside our laws. He’s responsible for the “fast and furious” gunrunner program and responsible for placing high powered weapons in the hands of the Cartel.

Eric Holder doesn’t attempt to protect America; he rallies for the Unions, the terrorists, the Black Panthers, the Muslims, the drug cartels and the illegals. He refuses to enforce the law that says dead and ineligible voters are to be purged from the voter’s roll. He refuses to tell the truth about the Fast and Furious gunrunner program. Obama sneaked Holder into our White House – now it’s time for us to move him out.

Holder and his lawsuits remind me of the energizer bunny – he just keeps suing those who are fighting for our Country. He sues Arizona and Alabama and Louisiana, all frivolous suits that cost taxpayers and each state buckets of money. He sues chicken farmers, a small middle school for denying a Muslim teacher leave to go on a pilgrimage (she’d only been employed 9 months.) Point being – our children come first. No one minds how many pilgrimages she takes, but not on our dime and our time.

He sues a 79 year old man praying outside an abortion clinic who was holding his rosary and pamphlets on abortion – I understand the 79 year old was praying too loudly. Let’s talk about loud, what about the Black Panther incident that he slid under the rug just shrugging and saying something about a payback.

Tim Palenty and others have called for Holder’s resignation, but Obama refuses to take action. Holder has been the one covering Obama’s backside during the Fast and Furious gunrunner investigation.

Now it’s time to give Obama his pink slip or calling for his resignation. We’ve been under Obama law for almost three year much to our chagrin and during that time we’ve watched him blatantly refuse to follow the Constitution as set down by our forefathers.
Obama law is based around an ideology that is destroying our Country, call it whatever you like, but the poor get poorer, the Government grows bigger, there isn’t any transparency and he rewrites the laws as he goes. Obama does not believe in a Government of the people, by the people and for the people.

“There Are Two Ways To Enslave A Country…. One Is By The Sword. The Other Is By Debt.” —John Adams
In less than three years Obama has increased our debt over 4 trillion dollars. Having said that, it’s time for this person to hit the road and remove himself from our White House.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca