Obama Has Lost His Cool and His Credibility

Obama’s attitude and professional presence on National TV has changed from a polished orator to a rip roaring “go to hell” brother of Reverend Wright. He has never been an honest man, now he’s lied about his job plan, the Buffet Rule, taxes and most of all he’s told America that this stimulus plan is paid for and won’t take a dime out of their pockets. Lies, Lies and more Lies!

What Obama didn’t share with Americans is this; Warren Buffet has been fighting with the IRS since 2002 and scuttlebutt has it that his company Berkshire Hathaway may owe us over 1 billion dollars. So it’s time for Warren to put up or shut up – it’s ironic that this 81 year old man would turn on his fellow investors and fellow businessmen and women. Evidently his billionaire status jus wasn’t enough for old Warren.

The DNC is feverishly working on a series of TV campaign ads in an effort to boost Obama’s ratings and solidify his Presidential run in 2012, but it will take more than a bunch of X-rated television ads to sell Obama’s garbage to taxpayers. It’s pretty much garbage in and garbage out!

Americans know that not one job was created last month, that unemployment is over 9% and companies are starting to slice their budgets to the bone by laying off more employees.

Americans can take this to the bank, Obama’s job plan (second stimulus bill) will not create jobs; Obama couldn’t create jobs as promised in 2009 with a 787 billion dollar stimulus and he won’t be able to create jobs with 447 billion dollars. If in fact he did create all the jobs he’s promising, each job would cost taxpayers $235,263 per job.

So for those who want to buy a basket of Obama lies and political rhetoric, you’d best do your homework before you make a commitment. You know what they say, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probalby isn’t true.”

Pinocchio (Obama) wants; (1) More money for his “redistribution” piggy bank, (2) He doesn’t know how to create jobs even if he wanted to, and (3) This jobs plan or stimulus isn’t paid for and taxpayers will be the ones to take the hit.

We have two major problems in our Nation at this time, (1) Businesses big and small have been ravaged by regulations and (2) Our National Deficit keeps growing at about 3.9 billion daily and the DEMS and Obama are addicted to spending.

Why doesn’t Obama want a balanced budget – plain and simple it would shoot him in the foot, because he is the “Redistribution King?”

Meanwhile on Obama’s watch the poor get poorer, consumers have lost their confidence in our Government, businesses have literally stopped the economic wheels from turning and our National Deficit keeps growing.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca