Obama's Gophers Not So Happy Today

James Carville said it best when speaking about Obama’s performance, James said, “quit saying things are getting better, because they aren’t. Looks like James has grown weary following Obama, because he senses we’re about to go over the cliff any minute if Obama doesn’t change course.

It appears David Axelrod read Carville’s letter to CNN, because this is one gopher that’s crawled out of his hole and attempting to soothe the savage beasts(Hill Democrats.)

Axelrod is trying to assure everyone that the Democrats are behind Obama 100%. He is definitely on the defensive and not a very happy camper, but he’s paid to lie and he’ll continue unless Obama listens to Carville and gives him his “pink slip.”

Let’s check out this Democratic base that Axelrod is talking about; you’re about to find out that Democrats are scattering like fleas on a skunk’s belly.

Elizabeth Warren head of Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a very intelligent lady and she knows that 51 percent of Americans don’t believe Obama’s jobs plan will work, while a CNN poll released earlier this week showed that 55 percent of Americans disapprove of Obama’s job performance.

Elizabeth is her own person, not one of Obama’s happy little gophers and she isn’t about to bow down to Obama and accept a stimulus package that is full of band aids with a few temporary fixes.

Mary Landrieu and Jim Webb aren’t happy campers and refuse to back Obama’s job plan. Jim described Obama’s stimulus package as “terrible,” and Mary Landrieu seems to be of the opinion that all of this rush and gush over Obama’s job plan may in fact just be political.

Delaware Senator Tom Carper doesn’t buy into Obama’s job plan; Tom Carper actually had the guts to suggest a long term deficit reduction plan. Tom realizes that the National Deficit remains a critical problem in the scheme of things.

Many Democrats and Democratic-leaning respondents state they’d like to see Obama face a primary challenge – that means big trouble for Obama in his 2012 Presidential run.
When White House David Plouffe and Gene Sperling, the director of the National Economic Council have been delegated to try to sell Obama’s job plan to Democrats on the hill, it’s obvious that there is major problems on the Hill and many Democrats aren’t willing to be a part of a second defunct stimulus plan.

Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson, a conservative Democrat pretty much sums up the whole controversy over Obama’s job plan. Ben is one gopher who won’t get excited or vote for Obama’s job plan until he sees something in writing; Ben remembers the Obamacare rip off and isn’t going for a second round of “Pass it before you know what’s in it.”

Obama is on the road saying “pass it now,” using key words like fair share along with a pot full of scare tactics and meantime Democrats on the Hill are suffering through the torture tanks of Axelrod, Plouffe and Gene Sperling. No matter what – it will be a bloody outcome because Democrats do worry about job security and they know Obama is definitely going down in history as a one-term redistribution creep.

Remember Obama’s promise for transparency, only one question remains. “When will Americans get to read this new stimulus plan or jobs package before Congress votes on it?” May God Bless America

As Always,
Little Tboca