Obama Hanging on to Warren Buffets Apron Strings

Obama counting on Buffet to get him out of his redistribution mess and Warren seems more than willing to pamper the “redistribution king.” Warren Buffet has stepped forward and decided to give Obama a big hands up even though Obama has increased our National Deficit another 4 trillion in less than three years and is asking Americans to give him another stimulus package.

Warren must remember that for many years, he’s never been a man to get down in the trenches with his CEO’s and get his hands dirty. It’s important to realize Buffet’s fortune has come from his investment savvy and this billionaire has recently stepped out of his element and is pretending to know how to get our economic wheels rolling again.

In all due respect to Mr. Warren Buffet, raising the taxes on the ones who create businesses, hire employees and create growth aren’t the ones he should be pointing his fingers at…

Warren Buffet could do two things if he’s so gun ho to help America “Take Back Their Country;” (1) Contribute all the billions he brags about to the Government to reduce our National Deficit, (2) Tell Obama to reduce taxes, repeal Obamacare and remove the regulations that are strangling businesses.

Instead Warren Buffet is playing politics right now and that’s not good! Warren is kissing the Liberal News Media’s fanny and trying to force Americans to pay more taxes. Warren Buffet counts on us to accept Obama’s second stimulus package, because he’s primed to slice a few more billion dollars from us via his investments.

The class warfare game that Buffet and Obama are playing certainly isn’t going to stimulate our economy, nor does it address the real problems that have stopped businesses from investing in their Nation.

This fiasco created by Buffet just gave Obama the fuel he needs for his 2012 Presidential campaign. Obama has flip flopped again, in 2009 told the Nation increasing taxes at this time would only slow down our economy; if it gets any slower we’ll be headed for a full blown depression.

The bottom line is this; (1) The government can’t and won’t create jobs with Obama’s second stimulus package, (2) Obama has yet to give the exact details to on his stimulus plan to the House and Congress, (3) Buffet is most welcome to contribute a few billion to slash our National Deficit and (4) Obama, Buffet and Democrats are once again resorting to their famous scare tactics.

Hopefully, taxpayers will realize that raising taxes on the few millionaires won’t be a drop in the bucket when it comes to paying for Obama’s second stimulus package.
This new stimulus bill will increase out National Deficit and won’t create jobs; we’re being scammed again the same as we were in 2009.

So we have Obama on the 2012 campaign trail with a stimulus bill in his hand that no one knows what’s in it and Obama is trying to incite Americans by creating class welfare in order to buy votes for his 2012 Presidential campaign.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca