Obama Didn't Do It - The "Snuckers" Did It

The Liberal news keeps telling us that Obama didn’t do it – so who did it? My best guess is we have a non – descript bunch of people hiding in the White House behind closed doors who are nameless, faceless and without a conscious, I refer to them as the “Snuckers.”

Snucker is one who sneaks, does that ring a bell? They’ve stolen, robbed and destroyed our Nation, yet they remain free as the birds and they continue gobbling up our jobs, our freedoms and our hope.

For the past three years, we experienced some of the most devastating times in the history of our Nation. Our 787 billion dollar stimulus just up and disappeared right before our eyes and no one is responsible except the “Snuckers.”

The Liberal News media keeps telling us that Obama and his gang didn’t steal our money, the House and Senate deny any responsibility for our lost stimulus bill so the only conclusion is this – there’s a bunch of creeps sneaking around the White House stealing our hard earned tax dollars who should be placed behind bars.

Millions of people have lost or are losing their homes due to foreclosure and the Liberal News Media says it’s Bush’s fault even though Democrats were in control since 2006, Bush can’t be blamed for everything, so it has to be some foreigners that have taken over our White House, because no one knows who really did it!

The story only gets scarier as you’ll soon see – take the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program that has allowed weapons to sneak across our border into the hands of the drug cartel.

Obama and Holder say they don’t know anything about it!
ATF doesn’t know who’s behind the program and Republicans are sitting on their hands acting stupid, with the exception of Darrell Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley.

So we have a killer gunrunner program operating out of our Country and not one person knows who’s in charge of the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program. It has to be those damn “Snuckers” again!

The Liberal News tells us about all the jobs being created, that we’re out of the recession and we wonder what Country they’re talking about… It appears the Liberal News just may be members of the “Snuckers” elite society, because they’re darn sure not one of us.

Recently someone stepped above our laws and sent ICE a sweet memo with instructions not to deport illegal aliens unless an outside agency forced them to deport. So once again, no one knows who has defied the laws of our land and ignored Congress when they refused to pass the Dream Act.

The Solyndra scandal remains a mystery; no one was responsible for handing out the $535 million loan guarantee to the now-defunct solar-panel manufacturer.

Notice, we know the name of the department (Department of Energy) that’s continuing the redistribution of our money. The word on the streets is DOE is dashing around like chickens with the heads cut off trying to give 9 billion dollars more of taxpayers’ money to green companies before the end of September.

As we sleep this non – descript bunch of people hiding in the White House behind closed doors who are nameless, faceless and without a conscious (Snuckers), are planning their next move against Americans.

The Liberal News Media will continue hiding them and covering up for them; they’ll blame the tea parties, the Republicans, God, the weather and Americans, but you and I know it’s the “Snuckers.”

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca