Obama – Carville and Congressional Democrats Have A Message for You

“Take Your Jobs Plan and Shove It”

James Carville just woke up and smelled the roses, reality has hit him in the fanny, because James isn’t making any excuses for Obama; he’s laid his cards on the table. James says Obama isn’t acting like a Democrat, gosh we knew that way back in 2008.

Former Clinton adviser, James Carville says he thinks it’s time for Obama to: panic. James is pretty much giving Obama a wake – up call that has actually been a long time coming. James in a no nonsense fashion tells Obama that Democratic Senators aren’t happy campers and everyone is tired of his explanations.

Carville offers some more advice to Obama saying, Step 1: “Fire somebody. No — fire a lot of people.” James continues telling Obama that his advisory team just isn’t getting the job done; he even suggests that Obama consider firing his good friend Eric Holder, if Holder’s explanations aren’t good.

James tells Obama to quit saying things are getting better, because they aren’t. Looks like James has grown weary following Obama, because he senses we’re about to go over the cliff any minute if Obama doesn’t change course.
Tonight, James deserves a thumbs up, because he’s rattling Obama’s cage, which no one else had the nerve to do…

Pelosi‘s remarks about Obama’s latest and greatest “Job Plan” isn’t encouraging – so far Pelosi hasn’t found anyone who thinks the plan will create new jobs. She isn’t about to go down with Obama; she took to the woods to play with her pet mouse.

Reid hasn’t completely turned tail, but he’s not sure if Obama’s latest and greatest stimulus bill will pass. So Old Harry is taking one last stand and blaming the economy on the Tea Party again, but he’s really not interested in Obama’s job plan at this time.

Harry Reid is ignoring Obama’s yelping and screaming to pass the “Jobs Plan” right now – he informed Obama that Congress has their priorities and Obama just doesn’t happen to be a priority at this time.

Harry said they’d take up the “Jobs Plan” or “stimulus bill” sometime in October when the next legislative work period begins. Even Old Harry is tired of chasing his tail for Obama!

House Democratic leaders are already writing off President Barack Obama’s $50 billion infrastructure proposal and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) says they aren’t going to worry about Obama’s next stimulus package before November elections.

It comes down to this, it’s not the Republicans or tea parties nixing Obama’s job plan – it’s the Congressional Democrats, because they say there’s a ton of things in the plan that they just can’t abide.

Obama, can you hear them now? Just like your budget this spring, the Democrats are saying,” No way Mr. President, take your jobs plan and shove it!”
May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca