Mr. Obama – Letter From a 71 Year Old Grandmother

Mr. President,

I would like to meet you in front of the White House Steps for a one on one, please don’t bring your teleprompter. Knowing you don’t have time to waste on a 71 year old grandmother, I opted to write you a letter.

I am the proud mother of four adult children, 7 grandchildren and a great granddaughter and that is why I’m writing this letter. The past three years under your watch has been gruesome to say the least and I watch daily as you continue your scheme to bring our Nation down.

Two words grab me in the pit of the stomach and make my heart palpitate, Obama and cancer. It’s been over three years that I have watched you on National TV and listened to all of your speeches only to come to one conclusion; they’re canned speeches and packed full of political rhetoric and a slew of lies.

Let’s start back in 2008, when you won the Presidential election without being vetted. We knew you were in the Illinois Senate for a short interim and the US Senate for a few years before you started your Presidential Campaign.

Your voting record in both Senate positions certainly was retarded; I noticed that you straddled the fence by voting present instead of committing yourself on any major issues.

Not one hard working American knew anything about you, except you were black, had worked as a community organizer (whatever that means) and you had conveniently hidden all of your past, which I have researched for years. To me a man that works so hard, spends so many millions to hide his past is more than a person of interest.

I must admit your attorneys are experts at hiding your past, but I firmly believe you can run Mr. Obama, but you can’t hide. Whether you’re legally qualified to be our Commander In Chief, I’ll never know, but I do know that in less than three years you’ve accomplished one of the most evil agendas of any President in our history.

I’ve tracked your misuse of our 787 billion dollar and found you’ve placed our money in the hands of the corrupt, meaning Unions, many of our low life lenders, AIG, Fannie & Freddie, EPA, ACORN and the “green scam” belonging to you and Al Gore. The list of beneficiaries receiving our money would fill a dirty book.

Your defunct programs such as HAMP were a guise not to assist homeowners, but to place money into the hands of lenders such as Litton, Ocwen etc., who are and were in lawsuits up to their armpits over their illegal scams of homeowners. Check out the Floridians if you don’t believe me.

My daughter a single mother of three young adults was a victim of your HAMP program; we finally had to walk away from her home because we had depleted our finances and couldn’t fight any longer for her home. If you want to know anything about the millions you wasted on the HAMP program, just call and I’ll be glad to fill you in on the gory details.

I also have done my homework and know that you and Eric Holder did in fact know about the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program – you assigned 10,000,000 over to ATF specifically stating it was for the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program.

Holder even bragged about enlarging and growing the gunrunner program. Innocent Americans and Mexicans have been murdered because of your gunrunner program. Probably your intention to continue this program was a vicious scheme to get control of our firearms.

Then the sweet memo you sent to ICE about stopping deportation of illegal aliens. You placed yourself above our law once again and reinvented the “Dream Act.”

You lied about downsizing the Government, transparency, earmarks, creating jobs, the war in Libya, the Fast and Furious gunrunner program, Obamacare and balancing our budget. In fact, Mr. Obama every time you open your mouth another lie comes rolling out!

For example let’s look at your speech on September 8th, 2011 when you attempted to blindside Republicans and Democrats by calling for a joint session of Congress and telling them to pass your “Jobs Plan,” now, pass it now, pass it now and then the big lie came that it wouldn’t cost taxpayer’s a dime, because it was paid for… Where’d you get the money Obama, who paid for your second stimulus plan?

Truth is not only have we raised the debt ceiling for you, this is your second stimulus package in less than three years and you know it isn’t paid for and never will be – it’s called redistribution Obama. You owe the Unions big favors and you’re trying to buy votes from the black community, Hispanics and our young people and you’re starting to panic.

Since, you didn’t have time to grant me a face to face visit; I felt it necessary to write this letter. By the way you might as well have “I hate America” etched on your forehead, because a real leader and Commander In Chief would lead by example instead of rubbing your vacations in our faces and living the good life while millions of Americans are without jobs and businesses are afraid of you and your Administration.
No one wants you to go without vacations; it’s just the fact that your vacations are the costly ones!

There won’t be much if any improvement in our economy until we remove you from office in 2012. Americans will take back their Country and you’ll be placed on the ancient history shelves as the most corrupt President of our time.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca