Does Obama Care About America – Absolutely Not!

Does Obama really care about our Nation, our children, grandchildren and those hard working people who support our country via taxes? It’s a decision that sooner or later every American will have to make, because we are the voice of America and it’s time to be heard.

What has Obama accomplished in 32 months?

He’s increased our National Deficit by 4 trillion dollars.

He’s redistributed 787 billion dollars of taxpayer’s money to corrupt lenders, the “green thing,” Unions, bigger Government and syphoned money behind closed doors to pad the pockets of his biggest and the elite bundlers.

His Administration passed Obamacare which has a price tag so high no one is quite sure how many billions it will cost taxpayers.

Obama and his Administration thumbed their noses at us refusing to create a “balanced budget,” every day our National Deficit increases about 5 billion per day.

He assigned 10,000,000 for the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program, which has killed Americans and thousands of our Mexican friends.

He redistributed our money to Green Companies such as Solyndra Solar which has gone belly up and other green companies are declaring bankruptcy.

Obama’s HAMP, TARP, Green Whims are all poorly executed defunct programs that sucked billions of dollars from our pockets with nothing to show for it!

So in 32 months, Obama redistributed our 787 billion stimulus money without creating jobs or restoring our economic status. 14 million are unemployed, unemployment is way over 9.1 or 9.2 % (probably close to 18 or 20 %.)

787 billion was stimulus package number one – gone never to be seen again.

447 billion is actually stimulus number two – this is actually being called the Obama Job Plan. This is the second stimulus in less than three years that Obama is requesting.

The debt ceiling was just raised in August 2011 with promises that the “Super Committee” of twelve would insure that 1.5 trillion was cut in our National Deficit over a 10 year span.

Notice that every time Obama speaks he asks for more money saying it won’t cost taxpayer’s a dime – we all know taxpayers will be the ones to suffer. Isn’t it strange that he never refers to his promises in 2008 and 2009 to downsize the Government, insure transparency and lower the unemployment to 8 % and reduce the National Deficit?

This person they call “OBAMA” isn’t stupid, but he is evil, isn’t honest, but he is a liar, isn’t Commander in Chief, but is a Dictator. For those who wish to disagree with this last statement, I’ll prove that what I just said is true.

As we speak Obama and his teleprompter are lying to Americans about the Obama Job Plan. He keeps saying this Job Plan is paid for and won’t cost taxpayer’s a dime. That is all I have to say on this subject – we are in the hands of a person who wishes to bring our Nation to its knees.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca