Is Obama's Job Plan for Taxpayers or the Unions?

The speech on September 8, 2011 had nothing to do with Americans – it was a well pressed, zip your pants speech for the Unions. Obama was once again doing some fancy deep sea diving in search of votes for his Presidential run in 2012.

This was a demand for $447 billion dollars to pad the Union’s pockets with the promise as usual that it wouldn’t cost taxpayer’s any money. This is another Obama lie, another stimulus package and taxpayers will pay for it.

Basically his speech was a do-over from the 2009 stimulus speech, the one that guaranteed jobs, help for homeowners, smaller government, transparency and lower unemployment. Obama is pretending to embrace those who have lost their jobs, their homes and are struggling to pay their bills as he prepares them for the “zinger.”

Raising the debt ceiling didn’t satisfy his undying thirst for more stimulus money, not did
the predictions by economists that we may be headed for a double dip recession slow Obama down in his demand for money.

He throws out his share of the curve balls to the House and Senate saying both parties can work together to solve the mess his Administration has created the past three years. taunting the Republicans by saying we’ll see if they can put Country before party.

His exact words to Republicans and Democrats seemed more like a tongue lashing than words of encouragement from a Commander in Chief. Obama never leads; Obama dictates.

Yep, he gave American’s a jobs plan outline for $447 billion stimulus package nothing more nothing less. He wants to continue his redistribution agenda, because he’s misused over 4 trillion dollars of taxpayer’s money and his “redistribution piggy bank” is empty without any pork.

AFL-CIO helped him write his speech and the funding for highways, transit, aviation and rail is not only on their wish list – if they don’t get what they’re asking for, Obama knows campaign money and votes for 2012 will deteriorate.

Same scenario with the teachers stimulus piece – the Unions are demanding money for their sacred cows and Obama is pretty much in a do or die situation here…

Obama’s idea for an infra structure bank just doesn’t cut the mustard; Obama has about as much business being the steward of this bank as Biden has negotiating with the Chinese.

Obama refuses to face reality and won’t address the real reasons our economy is not even crawling. Businesses don’t trust him or his Administration, they’re bogged down with so many regulations that they can’t even come up for air. EPA is loose cannon that no one seems to be able to get a handle on and Obamacare has already caused businesses millions of dollars.

Fix these problems, Obama and our Nation’s economic wheels will start turning. While you’re at it quit sneaking behind closed doors to do your dirty work in an attempt to buy votes from the Hispanic population, through your newly created version of the “Dream Act.” Illegal alien isn’t a race – it’s a crime!

The “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program is your responsibility, you’re the one who signed off on $ 10,000,000 for Project Gunrunner from H.R. 1, the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009 (Stimulus bill.) Obama, you have American and Mexican blood on your hands.

Obama’s jobs plan is another massacre on taxpayers – his promise that this plan is already paid for is another lie. This will be another Obama “gotcha” that will never be paid for even over a 10 year span.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca