Obama Promised Five Times to Cut Government Waste

The Obama Administration is the problem, not the solution. They conduct business behind closed doors creating policies that harm our Nation. Obama backs the Unions, the Muslim Brotherhood, the corrupt corporations who hide behind the tangled web of political loopholes and most of all he refuses to free our businesses from the strangling regulations and Obamacare.

How many times have Americans heard Obama say, “We’ll do whatever it takes to give businesses (big and small) the tools and support they need to jumpstart our economy?” He hedges, beats around the bush and hangs businesses out to dry – his world is a world of “distribution,” and that is the writing on the wall.

Steve Wynn put all in perspective, “he says businesses don’t trust the Obama Administration.”

Obama promised that he’d cut out earmarks, downsize the Government and eliminate Government waste in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011; that’s just political rhetoric that sounds good, but means nothing. According to CAGW, this is Obama’s fifth time since 2009 to Obama has proposed cutting waste from our Government.

ABC News’ Tahman Bradley reports: June 13, 2011 The Obama administration announced on today a new campaign to cut government waste that will be headed up by Vice President Joe Biden.

You know the same Joe Biden that told the Chinese telling a crowd in China that he doesn’t have a problem with the country’s one-child policy.

This is the same Biden that called Obamacare historic and a big f- – – – – g deal; the man who insinuated that Obamacare was too complex for taxpayers to understand. That’s probably why Pelosi said to pass it first, before we know what’s in it. Biden is the one who has stubbed his toes too many times on National TV – he’s not just clueless, but toeless.

Biden is heading a group of 11government officials that Obama appointed to lookout for misused tax dollars in the Federal Government. Number one we don’t need a bunch of politicians running around looking for the waste and fraud in the Government – we know where billions are being misused yearly.

Secondly, even if this board of 11 actually pin pointed the redundant Government programs and the billions of dollars misappropriated, they wouldn’t do anything about it. This is another Obama smokescreen – a feeble attempt to pacify Americans and buy a few token votes.

CAGW said prime cuts could amount to 1.8 trillion dollar savings in 5 years and if in fact Obama and his Administration would actually be an impressive step in reducing the duplicative wasteful spending.

Obama has adamantly refused to cut his “Green Jobs” spending which simply means taxpayers will pay for his whims. The “Green Thing” is a nightmare and has outsourced thousands of American jobs. Foreign countries have been the biggest recipients of stimulus money set aside for green jobs and yet Obama won’t budge on his decision. Green is in, even though it is harming our economic recovery.

Homeland Security seems to be an accident waiting to happen – here’s but a few examples of their wasteful spending 30,000 for a high school defibrillator, 98,000 for training courses for fire department at Tecumseh, Michigan (no one attended), 557, 400 to North Pole (Alaskan town of 1570 people) for rescue and communication equipment and their dirty laundry list just rambles on…

To list all of the unnecessary, redundant and costly wasteful spending by our various Government agencies would actually fill several books, but what is important here is the fact Obama pretends to ruthlessly attack Government waste by appointing a committee putting Biden in charge. What a crock!

No one seems to be interested enough to start aggressively eliminating the wasteful programs, earmarks and duplicate programs. Obama, Democrats and Republicans continue talking about the misuse of taxpayer’s money, in fact it makes headlines daily, but our Government continues the senseless spending.

Two things would occur if all the billions spent in waste were immediately stopped by our Government. (!) It would give consumers a glimmer of hope, (2) Taxpayers would start developing a degree of trust in their Government.

Until the Government restructures their way of doing business our economy will remain dormant. The Government must return to a Government of the people, by the people and for the people and until that happens our Nation will continue down the slope of no return.

Republicans and Democrats have alienated themselves from the people; they remain the enemy of the people at this time and that’s the writing on the wall. Americans are apprehensive, distrusting and feel they are controlled, not in control.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca