Obama, Republicans & Democrats Interested in "Cow Burps"

How much do you think taxpayers paid to check out “Cow Burps?” Federal Study of Cow Burps – (Durham, NH) cost taxpayers $700,000.

We’ve been charged an arm and leg for “Gold Platted Potties,” Gold-Plated Potties in the Woods – (Denali National Park, AK) cost taxpayers $1.49 Million. The cost of relieving oneself has probably made the Guinness book of records.

While Americans struggle to put food on the table, the Government continues their happy go lucky ways of spending money. It’s not just wasteful, many times it appears to be a fraudulent way of sneaking taxpayer’s money out the backdoor to appease those who are addicted to spending and the all mighty dollar.

Check these sites out and decide for yourselves if Obama, Republicans and Democrats are good stewards of our hard earned money.


Put this in your browser : Wastebook 2010 – Tom Coburn – U.S. Senate

When Obama spoke to Americans last night about his job plan, it appears that he isn’t truly engaged or aware of what goes on behind closed doors. On his watch, Obama promised to downsize the Government, implement transparency and eliminate earmarks; none of the above have been a part of his agenda.

Obama suffers from a spending addiction far worse than that of an alcoholic or drug addict, for his addiction affects every citizen in our USA. He will go down on the history shelves as the worst steward of our money in the history of the United States.

Obama isn’t the only one incapable of balancing our budget; Republicans and Democrats must be included in the mix too! What we hear isn’t what we get from this motley crew; they talk out of both sides of their mouths and spend the majority of their time accusing each other of gross misuse of the taxpayer’s dollars.

Each day, Obama, Democrats and Republicans go to work and pretend to run our Government; theirs is a world of false promises, pledges and chaotic confusion. The left hand darn sure never knows what the right hand is doing at any given time – 535 men and women sat smugly on their bottoms as the “housing bubble” appeared on the horizon.

535 men and women were too busy worrying about job security and politics to get personally involved in the events that started to take place in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s; the time the bubble started isn’t what’s important. What is important, why didn’t the 535 people hired to run our Nation stop it while it was still a toddler in diapers.

But, nothing is new in the White House in 2009 Obama became our Commander in Chief and in less than 3 years our National Deficit has increased over 4 trillion dollars, 14 million are unemployed, about 14% of our population or 14 million households are food stamp users, millions of homeowners experiencing foreclosure and yet 535 men and women just sat in the cheap seats and let the Obama Administration bring our Nation to its knees.

Now, there’s a sense of urgency by Obama, Republicans and Democrats because unemployment remains way over 9%, consumer confidence gone, businesses are in “limbo,” and our Nation continues down the slippery slope towards a double dip recession.

There’s something wrong with the way business is done in America; isn’t it ironic that 535 men and women can’t work together to solve our economic problems?

Here is a site that will confirm every word in my blog – it will prove that the left hand never knows what the right hand is doing at any given time. You no doubt pay taxes and wonder where your money is going; who’s spending it and why are we broke?
The good news is we aren’t broke; we just have a slew of misguided people sitting in the White House playing politics.

Actually we have millions even billions of dollars at our fingertips, but everyone in the White House opts for talking and not doing!

Take a minute to check this site out – I really don’t think you’ll be very happy when you see where our money is going. Go to “Wastebook 2010 – Tom Colburn – 2010″

$239,100 to Stanford University for a study on how people date and find love online

$1.8 million to the Neon Boneyard Park and Museum, which collects and displays discarded neon Las Vegas signs.

$150,000 to the Vermont town of Monkton to erect signs warning drivers to look out for salamanders crossing the road.

Bogus Tax Refunds for Prisoners – $112 million

Studying Male Prostitutes in Vietnam – (San Juan, Puerto Rico) $442,340 dollars

Party Time at the FAA – (Atlanta, GA) $5 Million

Unneeded Courthouse Space Costing Taxpayers Millions -$51 Million (annually)

Teaching South African Men How to Wash Their Genitalia – (Los Angeles, CA) $823,200

May God Bless America,
As Always,
Little Tboca