Tomorrow night we’ll here Obama ask for a bit more money for this and that – he’ll be vague about jobs, the National Deficit, unemployment and entitlements and his bottomline will be a plea for another mini stiumulus package. So, here’s the way he can get more money.

Ditch Obamacare – we didn’t want it in 2009, 2010 and we still don’t want it in 2011. It full of political cobwebs and hidden expenses that affect taxpayers, seniors and businesses of all sizes.

Remember when Michelle Bachmann told all of us that there were billions of hidden costs in the Obamacare package, Michelle was right! There’s nothing “free” about it – someone has to pay and it just happens to be the taxpayers and businesses (big and small.)

Guess who some of the major recipients were from this healthcare can of worms: “United Auto Workers (UAW), which has so far received $206,798,086. Other big recipients include AT&T, which received $140,022949, and Verizon, which received $91,702,538. General Electric, in the news recently for not paying any U.S. taxes last year, received $36,607,818. General Motors, recipient of a massive government bailout, received $19,002,669.” Go to this site to see the whole story.


Check out the CCIO (Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight) they will confirm where billions of our taxpayers money is going via Obamacare for early retirees.
The TARP program cost us an arm and a leg – here is a site that will show you where our bailout money was squandered.


So before Obama speaks tomorrow night, tell him if he wants more money than go collect it from AIG, Chase, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, General Motors, Bank of America Subsidiaries, Chrysler and the disgusting list just keeps rambling on – he wants money he can start door knocking and retrieve our misused stimulus money.

Mr. Obama remember the “Green Thing” you sold us down the river on – go collect from the businesses you floated with our money the ones who are going bankrupt or just closing their doors.

We don’t want green cars, green czars or green office buildings with light bulbs and batteries that don’t work. Just get our money back, Obama; you spent it and you’re responsible for retrieving it!

The Libya war is another albatross around our neck, we can’t afford millions of dollars a day spent on playing cat and mouse with Gadhafi – it wasn’t our business to begin with…
Next time, ask Americans before throwing us into another war – you’re our employee, you work for us!!!!

Hopefully, you won’t waste our time tomorrow night blaming the tea parties, the Republicans, Bush, God and everything else under the sun; we aren’t interested in your 2012 campaign rhetoric. We’re not interested in sucking it up anymore in your behalf – and we aren’t going to give you more stimulus money to squander.

If its money you want, than start by cutting down our National Deficit tomorrow, downsizing the government, getting control of EPA, releasing all businesses from the grubby greedy claws of the Government and let us get back to business as usual.

We know how to create a robust economy if you’d just stay out of our business!

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca