Obama Just Hijacked the Taxpayers and Republicans Again

Just before he headed for his much needed R&R with Martha, Obama threw us a lollipop hoping it would tide us over until his return to the White House. He said, he would present his job plan sometime in September.

14 million people without jobs were confused! Why would the Commander in Chief go on vacation, if he in fact had a job plan; why would he consider his vacation more important than coming to the rescue of 14 million Americans? Only conclusion would be – there wasn’t any jobs plan yet.

But, then it became apparent that the “King of Drama” was in fact creating the third act of his play. “Obama’s “hopey changey” campaign for 2012. He demanded a joint session of Congress, which was in fact nothing more than a political circus. For 40 some minutes he played the ring-master, while the Democrats jumped up and down like a bunch of shriveled up puppets trying to please the puppet master.

The speech was nothing more than a hyped up repeat of his campaign speeches of 2008. Tax cuts to the private sector won’t create jobs or stimulate consumer confidence; the little dab he’s talking about has been eaten up by high gas prices. It’s going to take much more than this to rebuild consumer confidence.

Businesses aren’t going to budge unless Obamacare is repealed, EPA is handcuffed and regulations impeding business growth removed. Businesses are afraid of the Obama regime and they won’t buy anymore of his lies – any changes in their behalf must be etched in stone for 5 to 10 years.

The “King of Drama” left out the most critical part of his job plan – who, how and where will the money come from for this stimulus package? That little detail will be discussed in his next National debut on TV possibly next Monday. So all he handed us was a job plan asking for a mini stimulus of $447 billion dollars for Obama’s redistribution pot.

There is so much more behind this speech that Obama gave today that doesn’t appear on the surface. First he’s counting on Americans to buy his job plan, because once again he’s promising them that it will be paid for and not increase our National Deficit.

Second, he’s has deliberately placed the Republicans in a very precarious position. If they refuse to pass his job plan, he can blame the remainder of 2011 and all of 2012 entirely on the Republicans. He’s banking that they will not buy into his job plan for that gives him all the ammo he needs to continue his 2012 Presidential campaign.

The Republicans have just been handed a stacked deck of cards by Obama and gang. They’re dammed if they don’t go along with his job plan and dammed if they do, because Americans will hold them accountable either way.

Americans and Republicans aren’t jumping up and down with joy after his “do it now speech.” It’s been almost three years now that we’ve been struggling and we have no reason to believe Obama. The redistribution specialist handed our first stimulus package to the corrupt lenders and other blood suckers; now he’s wanting a mini stimulus of $447 billion dollars.

What Americans know; (1) We can’t spend our way out of the recession, (2) Businesses refuse to hire or grow under the Obama Administration, (2) Obama’s word doesn’t amount to a “tinker’s dam.”

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca