Jimmy Hoffa Jr. – Obama’s Your Enemy Not the Tea Party

Dear Mr. Hoffa,

Listened to your opening remarks yesterday reminded me of a campaign kick – off for Barack Obama and let’s be candid here – his speech yesterday was nothing more than a souped up campaign speech of 2008. What in the world were you thinking when you asked Obama for jobs, jobs and more jobs?

If you’re waiting for Obama to turn the economy around; it isn’t going to happen! It’s amazing to me that you’d even consider Obama for another 4 years – why would you take a chance on this man when you know Unions are already on a very slippery slope?

I hear you carry a big stick – consider turning your wrath on EPA instead of declaring war on a small fraction of people like the Tea Party? What were you thinking? The tea party didn’t redistribute our stimulus money nor increase our National Deficit by 4 trillion in 2 ½ years and the tea party can’t be blamed for 9.1 % unemployment. Take the 400 million dollars set aside for Obama’s 2012 campaign and use it wisely.

It doesn’t take a “rocket scientist” to know the real truth behind our broken economy. The Democrats have been in charge since 2006, so now’s a good time to change your strategy before your Union members lose more jobs.

Next, use your clout, money and expertise – remove all of the regulations that are preventing businesses from growing. You know most of our businesses have hunkered down in their bunkers and aren’t about to move until Obamacare and the strangling regulations are removed.

Mr. Hoffa – if you’re counting on something new or spectacular from Obama on Thursday night, don’t hold your breath. I could give his speech with my eyes closed and without a teleprompter.

He’ll tell us all he understands how bad we’re hurting and he intends to fix that once and for all if we but give him a bit more money. He’ll blame the Republicans and he’ll say let’s see if they’ll finally place Country ahead of politics. He’ll throw in a bunch of “hope and change” just like he did in 2008 and he’ll end the speech with “Yes, we can.”

So Mr. Hoffa , it was almost humorous when the man who has misused our stimulus money, drove our National Deficit up over 4 trillion in 2 ½ years and just raised the debt ceiling another 2.3 was standing right in front of you and who’d you blame – why the little old tea party.

I have to believe you’re a much smarter man than this Mr. Hoffa, so quit playing politics and do what’s best for our Country.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca