Obama Keeps Stirring the Pot

Obama has perfected the art of stirring the pot; it’s merely a ploy to distract the people and keep the troops divided. He not only stirred the pot over Arizona’s 1070 Illegal Alien bill; he call it misguided” and discriminatory, in front of the Mexican president, Felipe Calderon.

His strategy here is not to lead, but to sue the State of Arizona and Governor Brewer – as I said the pot stirrer isn’t a leader!

Obama started the pot stirring again when he announced just before jumping into Martha’s arms for some R & R that he’d show America his job plan when he returns from a much needed vacation. Very few could understand why he’d leave for vacation without rolling out his plan.

Next he announced that he wanted to meet with a joint session of Congress on September 7, the day he’d disclose his plan for jobs, which just happened to be the same day of the GOP Presidential debate.

When John Boehner declined his invitation, Obama rescheduled for September 8th, many Democrats and Liberals said he caved in to Boehner, but I don’t believe he caved. The pot stirrer knows what he’s doing and he’s set the stage for the Republican kill. September 8th will be the day he merrily leads the Republicans down the path for political slaughter. (If they attend)

The Republicans are sitting ducks and will feel the wrath of Obama, because they’re about to take the hit for our high unemployment rate, our fallen economy and our National Deficit. In one short speech on National TV, September 8th, Obama will craft his new 2012 Presidential agenda.

Recently one of his advisors blamed the tea parties for the S&P downgrade – how shallow. The downgrade occurred because we didn’t cut our National Deficit or even attempt to balance our budget. Just a little more pot stirring!

Obama apologizes for America, he slam dunks Israel’s Netanyahu, he sneaks behind America’s back and tries to reinvent the “Dream Act, “ pretty much telling ICE to quit deportation at this time. ICE doesn’t have the tools or time to review over 300,000 illegal’s pertinent information. Obama is trying to capture Hispanic votes, not leading just stirring!

This is the way the pot stirrer works; he’s calloused, calculating and constantly filling the pot with distractions that keep Americans preoccupied. A predator preying on the people not leading!

Right now, he’s egging some fellow Democrats in the White House on because he’s fishing for the Black votes for the 2012 Presidential Election. He tried the same kind of move with Mexico’s Philipe Calderon and it backfired on him.

Supposedly, Obama and Calderon were working together on the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program. Problem being – Philipe didn’t know the program existed!

Democrats have few options at this time and are feeling the pain – that’s why Maxine Waters and Andrea Carson are acting like two loose cannons. They’re doing just what Obama wants them to do, they’re playing the game of distraction right in their own communities and the tea party just happens to be the recipient of their violent outbursts.

Why is Maxine Waters and Andrea Carson so angry and why are they trying to intimidate their very own community? In 2008, they voted for “color,” and put a person into the office of Commander in Chief on color alone, no vetting. Now, they’re preying on their community’s fears and frustrations asking them to buy Obama’s hope and change for another 4 years.

I think not – the black community, the white community, the Hispanics all know that the stimulus bill, the Obamacare, the TARP, the Hamp and all of the other programs that Obama commandeered was not for the good of the people.

Obama is up the proverbial creek without a paddle for his first 2 ½ years haven’t exactly a stellar performance as Commander in Chief of our Nation. In fact, under his watch we’ve sank in a dismal abyss of co–dependency.

Obama is a “POT STIRRING REDISTRIBUTION” specialist without credentials to be our Commander in Chief.

Now’s the time to throw out the race card, the terrorist threats, lies and join hands to “take back our Country.” Kick all of this negativity under the bus and let’s get on with our lives.

The Presidential campaign of 2012 isn’t about race, color or gender; it’s about selecting a Patriot, a leader who will place their Country and people above all else.

May God Bless America
As Always,