Make “AMERICAN MADE” the Buzz Word

Make “American Made” the buzz word at home, at work and in the market place.

America, let’s “take back our Country” and show those foreign Countries we’ve got class – don’t settle for second best when you can buy the best. If every American would spend $ 64 per year on American made products, we’d create 200,000 new jobs. http://americansworking.com/

Tell Walmart, Target and their buds you want a special section of all American made products – quit being politically correct, send them an email, call them write blogs about them and hammer them until they give American made products a front row seat in their stores. We want a big sign in every store saying, “All American Made Products.”

Next time you go shopping, ask to speak with a manager or the person in charge. Put a big smile on your face and say, “Where’s your made in America section?” Next time, a politician asks you for a donation, send a friendly email back and say, sorry “I’m going to contribute to my Country and buy some America made products.

When you’re surfing on the web for clothes, toiletries, office goods etc., send a friendly email back to them and ask, “Where’s you made in America section.”

Next time you reserve a motel room, send them an email requesting a room with all American made furniture, plus bed linens, towels etc. Of course we all know we’ll be snuggling up with the Chinese and Taiwanese, because that’s what most big American companies do – they pad the pockets of the foreign countries, while fellow Americans stand in unemployment lines. GO FIGURE!

Here’s an interesting letter written by Rick at Viking Tool and Engineering in Whitehall, MI.

Please consider the power that you have when spending your dollars. Know that recycling your dollars when buying American Made products has a compounding effect on the US economy and the American worker. When you send your dollar overseas that dollar leaves our economy and supports another countries economy.

Spending American dollars on American products creates and saves American jobs.
America needs to keep jobs for goods here in the USA for many reasons. One obvious reason is employment. But maybe you already have a job and don’t really care? Well, with the volatility in today’s economy, it brings new meaning to “the job you save might be your own”.

Statistics show that for every one manufacturing job there are 6 to 10 other jobs tied to it. Wages for working Americans have plummeted 19% since 1972, in relation to the cost of living – about the same time we entered into a so-called “global economy.”

America needs more than “Service Jobs”. Those jobs are great, but how many of us can work service jobs and still support a good lifestyle? Most service jobs and retail sales jobs do not pay as much as a skilled labor job.

Have you thought about how other countries are developing now? They are riding the wave of our appetite for cheap goods. Our money is going to places that often times do not like us, our money is building their infrastructure, our money is building their military, and our money is raising their quality of life and education. Of course, some of this is good. But what about us? We need to bring some balance back on our side.

When you buy American, the materials and labor are provided by American suppliers and American workers, who use the latest technologies and are paid a fair wage for their labor. When you buy American, you help to keep our economy strong, and you show your support for American workers (like yourself).

Take the time and research what you are buying. Many times an American made product does not cost much more but the quality is far superior. We only vote for our representatives every two or four years, but we vote with our wallets and checkbooks every day!

Thank you Rick!

America, we have the power – let’s vote with our wallets and checkbooks tomorrow – BUY AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca