Consumers – Hold a Winning Hand

Consumers have not been told effectively enough that they have huge power and that purchasing and shopping involve a moral choice. Anita Roddick

Those who growl about Walmart, Target and other discount stores without a doubt have a legitimate gripe about the imported products from foreign Countries. Usually, these products are cheaper at time of purchase, but that doesn’t equate to a real savings, for the life of these products is usually short requiring replacement in a matter of days, months or a few years?

Consumers, gripe about these major retail stores (“big dogs”) yet continue supporting these companies, which is an unwritten approval of inferior products, over worked and under payed employees and products not American made. It is estimated that about 70% or more of items sold in these retail outlets aren’t made in the USA.

What consumers buy or spends accounts for about 70% of the USA economy. Why do consumers frequent Walmart? Why do consumers buy foreign made products? Why don’t consumers support their American manufacturing companies? Below are but a few answers to these many questions.

Walmart saves the consumer time, because it’s pretty much a “One stop shop store,” offering groceries, clothing, electronics and household items. Consumers don’t have time to check brands, tags and quality of product. Consumers would support American made companies through advertising, discounting and accessibility.

Logically, American made products should be promoted by these big retail giants; instead they spend billions of dollars advertising cheap items made in China, Taiwan, and other foreign countries, because Patriotism or loyalty to their Country isn’t the generator that dictates their business ethics. Quality of product has very little to do with their business decisions.

Walmart will pat themselves on the back saying they’re buying more USA products and that may be true, because consumers are buying more of the basics now such as produce, paper goods and cleaning items. This isn’t any kind of indicator that Walmart is changing; it merely means that consumer buying has changed during one of our worst economic recessions.

If these “Big Dogs,” would join hands with American made companies our economy would start to flourish. Jobs would be created, better products produced, happier consumer experiences and more money would be going to our Government that just happens to be broke at this time.

One solution remains clear, consumers can influence some of the business decisions, if they insist on one area in each store devoted entirely to American Made Products. Consumers actually hold the winning hand! When entering a business – make your first question, “Where are your American made products?”

If all Country Western stars would follow in the footsteps of Trace Adkins and Toby Keith by buying all American made products, they would be very important in creating more jobs in America.

If Americans would spend 64.00 annually on American made products, 200,000 new jobs would be created.

If Obama wants a job plan that will work – he could make sure our Government buys American made products, puts a hefty tax on all China’s imports and start leveling the economic field for our Nation. Don’t expect much out of the President, he’s too busy campaigning for 2012; he’ll just create another committee that will spend our money and tell us how bad it is…

Obama says “raise taxes on our businesses, jam Obamacare down our throats, and give me more stimulus money for my redistribution agenda. I say buy American made products, remove the excessive regulations on businesses, repeal Obamacare and get our Nation back on the road to “recovery.”

May God Bless Our Country

As Always,
Little Tboca