Obama’s Puffins – Nothing But Smoke and Hot Air

Obama and his Liberal constituents are the “puffins” of politics, the ideologues of “Distraction, Division and Distribution.” They spread their wings, plant their feet, draw lines in the sand and blow smoke.

When was the last time the “puffins” did a reality check? What don’t they understand about a balanced budget? The Government is spending much more than they take in, it’s simple math every day we’re deeper in debt.

Jan 2009, over 200 economists told Obama that excessive spending was not the way out of a recession. They all agreed that tax cuts and a reduction in the National Deficit would lead the United States out of the recession. The Puffins didn’t listen!

June 2011, 150 economists wrote a letter agreeing with J. Boehner’s first proposal on the debt ceiling dilemma. They all said that spending cuts should at least be equal to the amount the debt ceiling is raised.

They explained that raising the debt ceiling without equal reductions to our National Deficit will harm private-sector job creation in America. But, the “puffins” refuse to face reality and they’re hiding behind a smoke screen of denial. Notice that not one has a solution for our fallen economy. Puffins didn’t listen; they tabled Republicans “Cut, Cap and Balance” along Paul Ryan’s budget.

Take a gander at what the “puffins” are saying this week – “Tax the Wealthy – Spend More.”

Warren Buffet says the wealthy should pay higher taxes, but he forgot to tell us just exactly where that money would go… Rest assured the tax money from the wealthy wouldn’t be used to reduce the deficit – it would land in Obama’s redistribution fund!

Juan Williams admits Obama probably wasn’t the best steward of our stimulus money, but in the next breath Juan says, tax the rich as if that’s the key to our economic woes. Juan’s in the elite “give me crowd,” give me, give me, and give me. This is a very intelligent man with a weird ideology; Juan believes you can spend your way out of debt.

Maxine Water’s isn’t exactly a bright and shinning Patriot and it has nothing to do with color or race. Maxine is in deep doo doo and she’d rather fight than switch meaning she’ll take down Obama, the Ethics Committee, the tea party and anyone else who stands in her way. She said, “The tea party can go straight to hell.” This is one dangerous “puffin!” No solutions, but lots of hot air and she pretends to care about the black community.

The Latinos, Pelosi, Biden, Reid and most of the White House Democrats are playing the same tune, “Raise taxes on the wealthy.” The Puffins refuse to address the National Deficit and as usual just kick this can down the road and put it back on the ancient history shelves for yet another day.

If Americans think raising taxes on the wealthy is the answer to their prayers, they’re truly once again in a state of denial. The little dab of revenue received from raising taxes on the wealthy isn’t even a band aid and it may very well be a gag on businesses(Big and Small) and consumers that will result in higher unemployment, higher inflation and a weakening economy.

So when the Puffins quit blowing smoke and hot air, the question still remains. How do we restore consumer confidence, encourage businesses to grow, reduce our National Deficit and restore our Nation’s once strong foundation?

America would welcome the Puffins if they came to the table with logical solutions, like balancing the budget, getting a handle on EPA, releasing businesses from the strangle hold of the Obama Administration and reducing our National Deficit. Their world revolves around an ideology that has failed throughout the World!

The National Deficit, high unemployment, stagnant business environment keeps our Country in a vicious recession.

We struggle while the “Puffins” blow smoke and hot air; they devote their time to three Liberal principals; (1) Distraction, (2) Keep the troops divided, and (3) Redistribution.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca