Obama – Isn’t America’s Friend

CNN, NYT, MSNBC, Media Matter, CBS – the Liberal Dumpsters

CNN – Roland S. Martin is on his soapbox defending Obama’s vacation at Martha’s humble abode; Roland is throwing darts and daggers, and stuck on stupid tweets to those who have the guts to ask the question, “Is this a good time for the President of the USA to be on vacation?”

Frankly, that’s a legitimate question when we have 14 million citizens unemployed, and we’re all concerned about Obama’s addictive spending habits and a National Deficit that is growing at the rate of 4 billion per day.

Roland, we’re not very happy about his 3 day campaign tour cross country on taxpayer’s money. Of course Roland, you’ll say it was just to mingle with the people, but I listened to every speech and it doesn’t take a politician to know a campaign speech when you hear one! He scammed taxpayers again as he spent 3 days in his luxurious bus campaigning for 2012.

NYT – posted an article on Darrell Issa that is stacked with one lie after another about Mr. Issa; he’s asked NYT for a formal apology. So far NYT is pretty much dragging their feet even though they have egg on their face; they’re hoping Issa will shut up and just go away.

NYT – did expose Obama’s backdoor Amnesty Policies for the illegal aliens. Obama is trying to buy Hispanic votes and is actuality choosing illegals over millions of Americas who are unemployed. This is the same man who chastised Congress and telling them to put country before politics, set aside their differences and find ways to get people back to work. This person is one “sick” puppy dog and America needs to remove him from office ASAP.

MSNBC – is following suit with the rest of the Liberal media and calling Obama’s vacation, a working vacation. What they call work, I call stealing; he’s behind closed doors again and starting his “redistribution” agenda since he has 2.3 trillion in his bank account. How sweet it is to realize the Commander and Chief is actually working; nice someone has a job because 14 million of us aren’t working.

So my bet is this – when he returns to DC and rolls out this so called job plan it will include tax hikes and another mini stimulus and part of the 2.3 trillion from the debt ceiling hike will be rolled out for redistribution again.

Media Matters – is bashing FOX for what they refer to as a slur against the illegal aliens, when FOX called this group of non – citizens illegals. Go FOX GO – illegal aliens are people who have sneaked across our borders illegally and that’s a crime! Webster’s definition for “alien” is people belonging or owing allegiance to another country; illegal is unlawful or illicit. So put the two together and we have exactly what FOX said, “Illegal Aliens.”

CBS – is siding with Obama as he accuses Congress of impeding progress on job creation. This is the pot calling the kettle black! Whoa now, all Congress has to do is kick Obamacare out the window and under the bus never to be seen again.

Put handcuffs on EPA, who is trying to run businesses out of business and lower taxes – America would start its economic recovery literally overnight. Businesses are afraid of the Obama Administration and that’s the real story in a nutshell.

There’s nothing scientific or mind boggling about our economic woes; free businesses up and let them do what they do best, “create jobs,” which in turn creates a robust economy.” Return the Government to a Government of the people, by the people and for the people and we will once again be America the beautiful.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca