Obama's Barnyard Tour - Presidential Campaign 2012

He’s on the road again bumbling, fumbling and trying to ignite the old campaign speeches of 2008. In 2008, he dangled the “hope and change,” carrot out and Americans fell over themselves to get a bite of the carrot.

The carrot was merely “distribution” in disguise and the change was higher unemployment, more foreclosures and 4 trillion increase in our National Deficit and a debt ceiling increase of 2.1 trillion. America is “One Nation Under GOV, “no jobs, foreclosures and higher taxes for all.

Obama has been the only leader in our history to turn on his country attacking our Constitution and our freedoms. Even the Democrats and Liberal News Media have been tossed into his political pot of “changes.” The Liberals are finding it difficult to defend his actions – they have flat run out of ammo.

In January 2010, Chris Matthews commented, saying, “Obama’s speech was so good, he forgot he was black.” July of 2011, Chris changed his drastically changed his tune, saying “Obama’s speech on the debt ceiling sounded like a FOX commercial.”

Chris even said Obama should not appear on National TV to give a political address. Chris is one man who won’t support a wobbly weak kneed politician regardless of color!

CNN – posted some third party news from Politico supposedly from a Democratic strategist aligned with the White House saying, “Unless things change and Obama can run on accomplishments, he will have to kill Romney.”

This is probably a very true statement, because the scuttlebutt from the Whitehouse is backing up this statement. Obama’s team says Obama can’t or won’t campaign on his record, so the only option left would be play “attack dog.”

Candy Crowley – appears to be losing steam and if you listen to Candy, you must ask the question, “Will Candy fight or switch?” Candy’s probably suffering withdrawals after trying Michelle Obama’s skinny burgers and okra with unsalted peanuts. Candy likes to throw her weight around, but that appears to be a lost cause!

NPR – refuses to climb on Obama’s ship and their response to his latest and greatest Midwest bus tour was merely this, Obama is testing out the themes that are likely to define his 2012 re-election campaign.

NPR pretty much let it all hang out, Obama’s been attempting to campaign for 2012 since April of this year and hasn’t found his agenda yet. But, NPR’s wrong he has his agenda in his hip pocket – “It’s the same as any junk yard dog’s agenda,” ATTACK, BLAME, ATTACK.

Even Jay Carney is struggling with Obama’s bus tour – in an attempt to explain why Obama’s using Taxpayers’ money to finance the tour, Jay said, “He’s the President of the United States.” Wow, Jay does that mean we not only pay him a salary, pay for his vacations, his jet, but we’re expected to pay for his barnyard 2012 campaign?

According to CNS, Federal Election Commission guidelines for presidents running for reelection are for the campaign to reimburse the government for any travel expenses incurred related to campaigning. Jay just won the “Gotcha Game” here – he is defining the Midwest trip as an Official event vs. a campaign event.

Obama’s White House campaign team have covered their tracks about why Obama is taking his 3 day barnyard tour at this time, here’s what they’re saying, “ it’s merely a way for Obama to escape from Washington stating he’s so excited to get away from his Presidential duties.” The White House refuses to admit the real reason Obama’s on the road again.

They packed his suitcase with his jammies and lollypop full of 2008 campaign speeches hoping that he’ll get lost for a few days while they regroup. This is sort of the old fashioned strategy of, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

They realize his past 4 months of campaigning has been nothing more or less than a lesson in political futility and they’re desperately trying to give him a political “do over” for the remainder of his 2012 campaign. They realize he can’t run on his record, he can’t run on his “hope and change” of 2008 and literally there’s nothing left for his political agenda except the blame and attack mode.

My bet the costly barn yard bus tour will be full of “hot air,” he’ll blame Republicans, Congress, the tea party, God, the weather and poor ole Bush. He’ll play the “Plan Game” saying he has a plan for everything, but we all know there’s no plan. He’s strictly in the campaign mode as is evident by the states he selected to visit.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca