Obama Lost His Big Boy Pants

Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, cut his vacation short due the economic strife in his Country; he did the right thing for his Country. British Prime Minister David Cameron’s came back from vacation immediately realizing his Country was more important than some R & R.

America’s President emptied the White House and sent the House and Senate home for a 5 week vacation and he split to Martha’s Vineyard reclining in a sea of luxury costing taxpayers 50,000 a week just for a roof over his head.

Everyone deserves a vacation, not everyone gets one and real leaders have shown the world that their first priority is their people and their Country. When the Liberal News Media puts a spin on why Obama deserves a vacation, it’s obvious that they’re feeling pretty guilty about his 10 day vacation.

CBS – Obama is relaxing at Martha’s humble abode and CBS is trying to sell Americans a new bill of good stating he deserves this much needed vacation. CBS realizes Americans are angry and in an attempt to soothe us, they decided to count vacation days that Obama has taken but neglected one very important factor – the days he’s been missing in action since starting his Presidential campaign in April.

Basically, the days he’s neglected our Nation started in 2009 when he worked for 14 months behind closed doors feverishly constructing the worst and most expensive bill in America’s history (OBAMACARE.) During this interim he ignored our Country and went on a wild uncontrollable spending spree with our stimulus money.

Americans are in the midst of an economic turmoil including a credit downgrade, a 2.4 trillion debt ceiling increase without any immediate cuts to our National Deficit, a negative credit rating by Moody and their Nation’s economy isn’t just sluggish, it’s pathetic; CBS might want to rethink making excuses for a man who’s unable to lead and totally disengaged.

CNN – adds fuel to the fire by stating that Obama is on a much needed vacation since he’s been working so much overtime lately. I believe they meant to say, he’s been on the road campaigning since April 2012 and he’s suffering from jet lag, bad ratings in the polls and vicious criticism from his own camp.

Americans hired him to do a job, which among other things was to create jobs like he promised, balance the budget, restore our economy and keep unemployment under 8%. Almost three years passed and he’s been a total flop, a failure on everything and he’s not going to get any brownie points or slack from Americans who are struggling to keep food on the table, keep their homes and find a job.

NYT – My gosh, they’re shameless as they defend the President’s getaway in some of the worst financial times of our lives and NYT. Charles Blow continues bashing the Republicans, the tea parties defending Obama’s desire to raise taxes. Charles, our leader has gone missin’, that’s the real news of the day.

Charles obviously is suffering from some type of Obamanosis and pretty much did the usual Liberal clobbering on Michelle Bachmann, the tea parties, New Gingrich and Rick Santorum. “Get a Life.” Charles, “When you have nothing to say, say nothing.” – Charles Caleb Colton, British clergy man & writer.

Media Matters – Refers to the DEMS balanced approach would lower our National Deficit, meaning that any businesses earning over the 250,000 mark should pay for Obama & DEMS spending addiction. This is merely another ploy to bail out Obama & DEMS; the approach MM refers to is called “Screw the business sector.”

Businesses already contributed not just with taxes, but they gave large hunks of their money for the economic stimulus package, now Obamacare is gnawing away at their bottomline and the ridculuous Government regulations have stopped them cold.

MM – needs to etch this on their forehead, “CUT, CAP & BALANCE.” It’s a simple solution that works!

While France and Great Britain’s leaders are man enough to cut their vacations short and do the right thing – Obama opts to close the White House down and place everything on hold until the “super committee” in November drops us on our head again.

This isn’t just kicking the can down the road – this is pretty much kicking the can and pushing Americans over the cliff at the same time.

The problem being, the one some call Obama never had big boy pants – he’s still a toddler in dirty diapers.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca