MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, NYT, CBS – Dumpsters Dumping Again

The Liberal News Media have been busy little beavers chewing up our news, dissecting it and regurgitating it in an attempt to disguise the truth. Funny how they have similar headlines, same political strategies using the race card, the tea parties, the church card, the terrorist card and the scare card saturated with a dumpster full of propaganda.

Lets take a quick hike together and review their political news for 8/13/11 – we’ll start with MSNBC first.

MSNBC – worried about Michelle Bachmann being submissive to her husband (that’s getting down and dirty, but why should we be surprised.)

CNN – They called Sarah Palins actions this week end as bizarre or self – promoting as she rolled into Iowa. So Sarah remains a mystery to CNN and they would feel better, if they could get a handle on this lady.

Media Matters – As usual MM comes to the table half prepared bashing S&P for our Nation’s credit downgrade.

MM struggles in their effort to bash FOX news, because Americans are pretty savy now and they believe two things: (1) Our Government has spent over 4 trillion dollars plus another 2.1 trillion that we can’t pay for – it’s called economic suicide and (2) Moody placed our credit rating in the negative category and S&P warned us in April 2011 that our credit rating was at risk if we didn’t balance our budget.

Unlike what MM and would like us to believe, the S&P downgrade was not a conspiracy based moved; our downgrade was the result of excessive spending.

NYT – belittles their credibility by poking humor at the Republican candidates who don’t want to raise taxes at this time. Question here is this, why would anyone want to punish businesses anymore than they’ve been punished in the last 2 ½ years?

Extreme Government regulations and Obamacare are the two factors that have stymed our economy. Taxes aren’t a viable solution, just another bandaid to pay for the spending spree by our Government. When will NYT become a media venue Americans can trust?

CBS – Political Hot Sheet creates headlines in a very feeble attempt to place Michelle Bachmann on the ancient history shelves. It’s pretty evident that Palin and Bachmann are two women that have them stumped! Here’s the headlines, you be the judge. “Michelle Bachmann makes last ditch appeal in Iowa.”

We see the Liberal News Media doing what they do best – dumping garbage. The “GOTCHA” mindset is pretty much what Gingrich described as Mickey Mouse games and their viewer ratings confirm that Gingrich was right on…

But, there is something different going on behind closed doors at MSNBC, CNN, NYT and CBS. Each of these news venues are starting to distance themselves from Obama and making changes in their political agenda.

It’s subtle changes, but the first time in many, many moons we see the Liberal News refusing to be Obama’s puppet; they have no intention of crashing with Obama.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca