Obama, Republicans & Democrats "Gone Fishing"

The White House just put a sign on the door saying “Gone Fishing.” Meanwhile Americans have lost their Triple A credit rating, the debt ceiling raised 2.trillion dollars and Cisco along with other corporations are starting layoffs, which probably will kick unemployment up again for September and October.

Republicans and Democrats take a leisurely vacation for 4 or 5 weeks and of course Obama is hanging out with Martha again, enjoying some not needed R&R. The mindset of this group of individuals is beyond comprehension – we’re in a recession that none of them have addressed. Our National Deficit is growing by the billions daily, unemployment is 9.1% and many Americans are suffering foreclosure on their homes.

Our members in the House & Senate have a backbone made out of limburger cheese; now’s not the time for vacations, now is the time to ruthlessly cut our National Deficit, get Americans back to work, fix our entitlement problems, stop the blood sucking countries who are using and abusing taxpayers’ money.

Obama in his childishness, and inability to lead made his last canned speech to us, blaming God, the weather, foreign countries, the Republican, the tea parties and immediately the DOW plunged another 200 points. Once again, Americans were just kicked out of the cheap seats, kicked under the bus by Obama as he scrambled to get to his campaign gigs and vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.

Boehner claimed we’d made a screaming deal and all was well. The diagnosis for Boehner’s problem is called “Politician,” and it’s contagious.

Why wouldn’t the White House comment after the debt ceiling bill passed? They knew in April that S&P had given them a warning suggesting at least a 4 trillion cut be in place and Moody’s warned us placed our credit rating in the negative category, so they just did what they always do – “Spend More, Save Less.”

The lack of leadership by Obama, Republicans and Democrats is somewhat like one addicted to drugs or alcohol – just get another injection of phony money from good Old Ben Bernanke, put our Nation on auto pilot and split – never to be seen again until vacation is over. They’re a total disgrace to our Nation!

So what Americans have is a Government on auto pilot, over 14 million plus, good men and women without jobs, businesses (big & small) shackled by Obamacare and bureaucratic regulations and a National Deficit as of August 12, 2011, $14, 585, 497, 373, 544.50.


May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca