Obama Messed With the Liberals

The Liberal News Media have started restructure their house of cards – they’re losing viewers by the cartload and frankly getting tired of Obama. Before all the chaos is over, it appears they will look for greener grass and a new leader.

When Chris Matthews gets on National TV and tells Obama he’s losing it – we all know that Obama is in deep doo doo. Chris did everything the other night, but call him stupid! In fact Chris laid out an ultimatum for Obama and basically said what we’ve all been thinking – “since you don’t have a plan Obama, here’s the plan now follow it.”

Poor Chris, he’s put his life on the line for Obama so many times only to end up with egg on his face. He isn’t a person who enjoys being disgraced and the “Great One” just blew it with Chris with his last canned speech of boring rhetoric.

Chris was livid after this speech saying, he believes Obama has dropped the ball and he continued by saying Obama isn’t engineer of the stalled US train.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is no longer sneaking in the White House behind closed doors, like Chris Matthews, Richard gets on National TV pointing his finger and telling Obama what he’d better be doing or else kind of thing.

Bret Stephens from the Wall Street Journal wrote a very interesting article, which is basically a case study on “stupid is as stupid does.” Title: “Is Obama Smart”

Bret said, “The presidency of Barack Obama is a case study in stupid does.” Posted Aug 9th, 2011, WST, Bret Stephens


Dana Milbank from the Washington Post, who is never at a lost for words, seemed to struggled a wee bit as he described the President’s speech on the economy. Dana said, “He delivered his statement on the economy beneath a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, but that was as close as he came to forceful leadership.” Washington Post, August 8th, 2011, Dana Milbank, Post Opinions

CNN – Erik Erickson had a special on CNN discussing the S&P downgrade and the delusional Democrats like David Axelrod who blamed the tea party for the downgrade. Chris says it doesn’t compute, first they blame S&P and then changed their mind in midstream and blamed the tea party. If it weren’t such a serious issue, it’s almost humorous that the “Tea Party” would be blamed for the downgrade.

Maureen Dowd – NYT shows total disgust with Obama, describing him as a pragmatist, who can’t learn from his mistakes. She went on to say the Senator who came across as the redeemer in 2008 ends up being the man in need of redemption. Maureen doesn’t mince words about the one she calls, “ Withholder in Chief.”

Media Matter – jumped into Al Gore’s hip pocket again and they’re not looking too bright and shiny. Once again, much of their information isn’t fact based and comes from bloggers who don’t do their homework and love to write fiction. Actually, MM is probably a great site because it accentuates the scrambled left-sided ideology and viewers now treat MM in a take it or leave it kind of mode, sort of like reading the “Funny Papers.”

Between now and 2012, we will see the Liberal News Media scrambling in an effort to find some solid rapport with their viewers. The Liberals have too much at stake; many are distancing themselves from the OBAMA GOD, because they realize he’s taking them down right along with his fellow Democrats.

May God Bless America
As Always,