Obama's Redistribution Continues

little tboca

If you hear Obama and DEMS utter the word free or no-charge, you’d better run because you’re about to get bitten in the butt! Bottom line – we pay while others play.

Many Americans find it difficult to give up their “sacred cows,” because they think the Government owes them a free ride. They want their food stamps, they want free healthcare, they want free education, they truly believe they’re entitled to all of the above, but the question remains – who pays for all of these perks and bonuses?

Here’s an example of what the Liberals refer to as “free.” Remember when Obamacare passed and the DEMS said it was the greatest legislation ever passed; they were elated that Under Obamacare parents could include their children under their healthcare plan up to 26 years of age.

Nothing free about that ride – it placed a terrible financial burden on health insurers, who had no choice but to raise our premiums and taxpayers are the ones to pay for this “freebie.”

Now, a new Obamacare policy has just been rolled out – health insurers have to offer contraception and “family planning” services, and do so at no charge to the patient, the federal Department of Health and Human Services decreed on Monday.

So here we go again, the insurance companies will have to raise our premiums and we’re the ones being dunned. The Liberals are crowing about this new policy and calling it free.

The next step toward government-run health care has been taken. This folks is pure “redistribution,” Obama’s one and only agenda. Obamacare and restrictive policies on our businesses are literally running big business out of our Country.

Many businesses are once again downsizing and starting a series of layoffs – this is an indication that Obamacare has taken its toll way before 2013 comes on the horizon.

Now all the freebies in this program that are emerging seem to be making some Americans happy, but their happiness will be short lived, because the freebies have just ignited a time bomb.

Insurance companies will raise their premiums and all taxpayers, businesses and seniors will be the group that will suffer.

Obamacare has affected our entire Medical community and the results are in: (1) Many physicians are just walking away from their beloved profession, (2) Hospitals are struggling and finding it more difficult to give the quality care that they once offered, and (3) The third party that Obamacare enlists to make all final decisions on care will literally run hospitals and doctors out of business.

Here’s another little “freebie” that Obama gave to the illegal aliens in June 2011, of course this was accomplished behind closed doors and most Americans don’t even know it happened.

In a sweet little memo this month to ICE, Obama’s immigration chief suggested that ICE refrain from deporting undocumented immigrants who are vulnerable or have community ties to the USA.

That pretty much means any and all illegal aliens won’t be deported unless an outside agency insists that ICE deport them. Yep, another freebie folks and guess who has been chosen to pay for this one?

Americans just gave Obama and DEMS a few more trillion of freebies for their distribution agenda when the debt ceiling bill was signed by Obama July 3, 2011. Under the Obama regime, we pay while others play!

Stopping Obamacare and removing the strangling regulations on businesses would be one of the greatest gifts we could give ourselves and our children.

Businesses would start growing and hiring again, unemployment would immediately start dropping from 9.1%, consumers would start regaining their confidence and our Nation would slowly start recovering from this hideous man created recession.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca