Obama’s Birthday Bash On Us

While Americans were sleeping, gasping for air and trying to get a handle on the debt ceiling crisis, Obama was getting a do over for his 50th B. D. bash in his old Chicago hometown. His teleprompter was in the shop getting an overhaul, his nails manicured and probably a dip in that stuff that makes the gray disappear from the top of his head.

After all, how many men of 50 wake up with a gift from America to the tune of 400 billion with promises of more to come once his “redistribution programs” run out of money. A repeat of 2009 for once again his bank account is fat and free from audits. Obama couldn’t wait for one day to pass after the debt ceiling crisis to start his B.D. celebration.

There’s a fundraising celebration at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago that will cost more than most of us see in a lifetime. The guest list includes, celebrities, DEMS with lotsa money, Unions, some Soros reps and anyone else who’s prepared to contribute up to $35, 800 for his campaign. This will include unlimited access to alcohol, free picture with Obama, dining, dancing all on our time and money.

His fake disappointment in the debt ceiling crisis was ancient history and he’s off and running on the 2012 Presidential campaign. This time he has been handed a custom made free campaign agenda from the Republicans and he’s prepared to play it to the hilt.

The Republicans will be blamed for higher unemployment, slow economic growth and China’s drop in our credit ratings. It’s a birthday bash unlike any other in our Presidential history, because Americans, all Americans are back under the control of the Obama Regime.

How could all of this be happening before our eyes? Who’s to blame and what can we do about it? There is one clean cut answer – the Government once again has kicked the garbage can down the road without any attempt to reduce our National Deficit immediately.

The can is way out in no man’s land waiting for the next time the debt ceiling must be raised, while our National Deficit continues growing and Americans continue to suffer.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca