Obama & Democrats Demolished America’s Businesses

by little tboca

It’s time for America to take back their Country and forget being politically correct – Stop the bleeding Obamacare Monster that’s eating away at our businesses, Medical Community and Insurance companies. Help our businesses regain their strength by dropping all the stupid regulations, lower their taxes and give them room to create a strong economy again. If we don’t fight for our business community, we can kiss the hope of jobs good bye. Insist that all the corrupt lenders and businesses that stole our stimulus money pay it back immediately.

Obama just signed the debt ceiling bill and met the press in the Rose Garden minutes after signing with his usual same ole, same ole campaign speech for 2012. He uses the FOX News term “balanced” telling lawmakers that they need to take a balanced approach to reduce the deficit that will include adjustments to the elderly’s healthcare plans.

He insists that lawmakers must reform the tax code so the wealthy pay more – meaning businesses (large and small) making over 250,000 can expect higher taxes in the near future. Did this person just get off the turnip truck or hasn’t anyone bothered telling him that businesses are planning more layoffs due to the extreme regulations, threat of higher taxes and the looming Obamacare bill.

The adjustment to the senior’s healthcare plans should scare the seniors, because the Democrats want to dun the PC’s (Private Care Physicians and Hospitals.) They’ve already ran most of our PC’s out of town and they’re vicious in their attack on the hospitals.

Pay for Performance is like holding a knife to our healthcare community; it allows a third party to make a decision on what is paid if anything. Medicare will actually reduce payment if a patient is admitted too many times to a Hospital meaning Obamacare will actually punish Physicians and Hospitals for providing better quality care.

In closing this statement by Obama pretty much says it all and shows his ineptness once again. “We can’t balance the budget on the backs of the people who’ve borne the brunt of this recession,” Obama said.

It’s obvious that he still doesn’t understand the sequence that stimulates a robust economy. First all business regardless of size need to be freed up by reducing taxes, removing the frivolous regulations – this will start the wheels of our economy rolling.

Free up our business sector and jobs will be created immediately, meaning the Government will receive more tax money, consumers will start regaining their confidence because jobs are being created and Americans will take the ball and run with it, if the Big Government would just stay out of their way.

Regardless of the shower of terrorist accusations against the Republicans and tea parties, here’s the bottom-line and the real reason the Dow is sliding and some companies are cutting back; (1) Consumers cut back their spending in June, which surprised economists, (2) According to Government reports, economy grew at its slowest past the first half of this year since June of 2009, and (3) Our Markets have finally figured out that businesses aren’t planning on any growth because they’re afraid of Obama and his Administration.

Hopefully Republicans and Democrats realize that they have literally raped the engine (Businesses) that creates a healthy economy. Tomorrow if they’d announce that Obamacare will be placed on hold until such time as the Supreme Court can make a decision on the legality of this program and if they would lower taxes, close corporate loopholes and ruthlessly cut NPR, Planned Parenthood, get a handle on EPA, and quit handing money out the backdoor to foreign countries and phony grants.

May God Bless America,
As Always,
Little Tboca

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